I guess it must have happened at least once: a customer was completely disappointed with your product. It doesn’t have to mean that the product was crud or the customer a nit-picking jerk. It may have simply been caused by the lack of detailed product visualizations of the items sold. Well, I’m not sure this it was actually the problem in the cases below…


Epic Product Visualization Failures


1. A customer wanted a backpack with colorful print and he got it! Well, the colors and print slightly differ from those on picture but it still printed backpack, isn’t it?

product visualizations failures: backpack with diffrent print than ordered


2. It’s all the customer’s fault! This is really a mini dress, it’s just the customer who’s a hobbit! Hobbits should simply do online shoppoing at www.tophobbitclothing.com, not in regular stores. That’s all.

product visualizations failures: dress that is much longer than ordered

3. Another size problem. This time the customer’s kid is a giant. Believe me, that toy is really just as big as in the product picture. Online shopping is not for giants, either. Deal with it.

product visualizations failures: toy in different size than ordered

4. The customer just wanted to look sexy in a tight, black dress. Well, she surely will, at least for someone with a trash bag fetish.

product visualizations failures: dress that looks different from the one ordered

5. This is a cranberry chocolate. As you see it really has some cranberry. Well, nobody promised there will more than you can see by the transparent part of the packaging.

product visualizations failures: chocolate that has less cranberries than consumer expects

6. Yes, it’s really an alien face balloon! You can’t see properly? Just buy a magnifying glass and there you are!

product visualizations failures: balloons that doesnt look like they do on a package

7. Well, maybe it’s not exactly a heart but would a girl really be offended by receiving a devil for Valentine’s Day? If so, she simply doesn’t have a sense of humor!

product visualizations failures: product visualizations failures: balloons that doesnt look like they do on a package

8. The fabric may be a bit shinier and the bow may be missing but it is still a pink mini dress, isn’t it?

product visualizations failures: dress from diffrent fabric than the one ordered

9. Do you really think that the kid will see the difference between the duck and the sheep? No, so stop complaining and learn that pink is actually a shade of orange.

product visualizations failures: product in different color on shape from ordered one

10. White wedding dresses are already passé. It’s lucky that online shopping protected the poor customer from a fashion failure! (And if it looks different on the customer, it’s only because of her disproportionate figure.)

product visualizations failures: dress that has a different color and fabric from the one ordered

These examples may be a bit extreme but let’s face it: lack of proper product visualizations in your shop may result in similar failures. And customers’ disappointment will always have an effect on your shop. Negative opinions spread fast, especially in the era of social media. That’s why you should really take care to ensure that you have detailed product visualizations. Demo videos are a perfect solution. With them you can make sure that customers know what they are buying and thus gain their trust. No product visualization failures like those listed above, guaranteed. : )

Videos in Ecommerce

Pictures from Niezgodność Produktu z Opisem.

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