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Have you already heard “Last Christmas” and seen the Coca Cola advert with Santa this year? Yeah… Christmas is coming again! And this means buying presents. If you don’t feel like visiting crowded shopping centers and you’re looking for inspiration, this is an article for you. Sit back, relax and check out our demo videos with amazing gifts for everyone.

Demo Videos with Presents for Kids

Since that’s the easiest option, it’s always tempting to buy some sweet clothes or a children’s book. But the truth is that children love toys. If you’re not sure if Hanna Montana or Monster High are still in then it’s better choose some safer, more universal toys like these below. Cooking, painting and outdoor activities are most kids’ favorite pastime, so the chances of your present not being welcomed with a cry of delight are rather low.

For an aspiring cook


For a little artist


For a snow enthusiast


Demo Videos with Presents for Adults

Socks and shaving gel if it’s for a man, perfumes and lipstick for a woman, for grandma a nice tablecloth, a bottle of some good alcohol for your father-in-law and you’ve got all of your presents sorted. Sound like a familiar strategy? Well, it’s not a good one. Don’t let your family find gift clones under the christmas tree again. Focus on their interests, not on age or sex, and buy presents that won’t force your relatives to put a fake smile on their faces.

For a technophile


For a healthy lifestyle freak


For a keen gamer


For a smoothie enthusiast


For a frugal host


For a vintage fan


For a keen photographer


For a stylish traveler


For a music fan


For a businessman


Christmas shopping really doesn’t have to be an exhausting and frustrating task. You can shop online, sitting comfortably at home and, thanks to demo videos, see the products as if you were in a store. We hope our demo videos have filled you with ideas for amazing presents.

Image Sources: Presents for All from Kris Mouser-Brown

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