As you know, at DemoUp we love video. From the reasons why video drives conversion rates to how to create the perfect product video, we could really talk about it all day. In today’s post we’re discussing 3 Ecommerce shops that use video to create a Unique User Experience. What’s a “Unique User Experience” you ask? User Experience is about how people interact and navigate a website and a Unique User Experience is a site that exceeds expectations and stands out from competitors. As a marketer, it’s important to study buyer behaviour and find ways to optimise your shop to achieve the highest possible conversion rate.

The five key elements of any User Experience are:

Video comes into the content side of things. User experience expert Paul Bryan says: “I’m a big fan of product videos in the User experience. They offer more substantial engagement with a product, with no additional effort on the part of the customer.” As we’ve established before, video can be an effective content marketing strategy that’s transforming Ecommerce on an international scale. Here are the statistics to prove it:

So now you appreciate the value of video marketing, here are 3 examples of Ecommerce shops that use video to create a unique user experience:

1. Charlotte Tilbury

A new sensation in the makeup world, the Charlotte Tilbury makeup range has taken the world by storm. Charlotte is a celebrity makeup artist and uses video tutorials to show her fans how to use the products in a full makeup look. Product demonstrations or ‘how to’ videos are a great way to showcase your products, provide advice and benefit from multiple sales.

Charlotte Tilbury Video


British online fashion retailer ASOS is well known for its huge catalogue of products ranging from fashion to shoes to cosmetics. The company turned over £1,119.9 million in Revenue in the year 2015 (ending 31st August) and as the website is the main hub for activity, it’s essential to create a Unique User Experience through Content Marketing. And how ASOS does this is as so: They host catwalk-style video showing models wearing the product as part of an outfit. This strategy is genius for three reasons:

1. When buying clothing online, it can be difficult to get an idea of how items fit. Photos can be very one dimensional and can’t show how a product looks with movement.
2. When clothes are paired together in an outfit, it provides inspiration for additional purchases – this is known as cross selling.
3. As these videos contain no speech, they can be used on all seven international websites and can be understood by ASOS customers of any nationality.

Asos Catwalk Video

3. QVC

Standing for ‘Quality, Value, Convenience’, international shopping channel QVC know quite a lot about video. They use TV channels to broadcast live shows with demonstrations of various different brands and products. The hosts try to make the shows as entertaining as possible through speaking to experts about the focus product and creating a social shopping experience where customers can ring up to voice their thoughts about the products. The QVC prices are also exclusive deals which adds to the entertainment value. But rather than simply rely on their phone-in ordering service, QVC recognised that there was an opportunity to host videos on an online shop to increase revenue through a different sales distribution channel. The online videos are usually a shortened down version of the on-air presentations – around three to seven minutes – and convey the main selling points along with a few close up shots.

QVC Video

QVC Video Demo

In summary, User Experience is an important aspect of buyer behaviour. It determines the time spent on the site, average spend per customer and the likelihood that customers will return to the shop. If you can create a Unique User Experience, and video is one was of achieving this, you will subsequently see an improvement in conversion rates, brand engagement and repeat purchases. To find out whether DemoUp has access to product videos for your online shop, check out our video scanner tool and accompanying blog post.

Videos in Ecommerce


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