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Everything is going mobile these days. From brand apps to banks, every company wants a slice of the mobile market and you should too. According to Animoto, 55% of consumers watch at least one video on mobile per week and that’s not surprising due to the proliferation of smartphone use, the increasing accessibility of WiFi and changing consumer shopping habits.1 Mobile videos offer the solution to the problem you never knew you had: How to increase engagement whilst your consumers are out and about, busy with their everyday lives.

1. Mobile Users love Video

Despite the smaller screen size, smartphone users love watching, sharing and re-watching videos. 25% of product videos are viewed on mobile devices, almost 27% at DemoUp, and there are many reasons for this popularity.2 More powerful devices, greater affordability and increased bandwidth means that it’s never been as easy to watch videos, browse websites and shop online on the go. If you haven’t considered hosting videos on your online shop, what are you waiting for? Mobile video consumption is increasing year on year and with a predicted growth of 53% for 2016, this trend isn’t stopping any time soon.3 Furthermore, mobile video viewers are the ones who will keep watching if their attention is captured. Whilst desktop users might only watch a product video for 2 minutes, iPhone users will keep watching a video for an average of 2.4 minutes, Android users 3 minutes, Symbian users 4 minutes.4 The longer a customer stays on your website, the more likely they are to remain engaged with the brand and make a purchase.
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2. 92% of Mobile Users share Video

Recent statistics are showing that mobile viewers feel more inclined to share video content from brands they have positive associations with. Invodo reported that 92% of mobile users share video content whilst Google claims that smartphone users watching videos are 1.8 times more likely to share than desktop users.5 This increased consumer reach means that brands need to create remarkable shareable video content in order to remain competitive. What makes a user click share, you ask? In many cases it’s down to a personal connection with the video and a few strategically placed call to action buttons. You can read more about this in our previous post Users Share Product Videos: Why You Should Take Note.

3. A New Generation of Mobile Users

Over the past five years a new social demographic has emerged called ‘Generation C’ – a group interested in Content, Curation, Connection and Community. They are also known as the ‘YouTube Generation’ who simultaneously create and consume media. This diverse group of people, 65% of which are under 35, are an influential audience that crave information and connection on multiple platforms, including mobile.6 They demand unique content and can be an invaluable marketing tool if you can turn them into brand advocates. In exchange for an enriched user experience and high quality video, Generation C can offer customer loyalty and increased social media exposure. This in turn will drive conversion rates.
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4. How to make the most of Mobile Video E-Commerce

With an forecasted smartphone ownership of 257 million by 2017 in the US alone, the possibilities for mobile video E-commerce really are endless.7 Technology company Cisco estimates that mobile video is currently generating over 50% of mobile data – and will generate 75% in 2020 – so there isn’t a better time to go mobile if you haven’t already.8 The key to exploiting these statistics is to consider the following suggestions:

If you bear these things in mind, this will help create a unique brand experience that leaves every mobile user wanting more. They say a picture paints a thousand words so surely a video is worth a million?

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