Picture from one of the best E-Commerce videos Volvo Trucks with Van Damme
Uploading and integrating e-commerce videos on a daily basis, we encounter really crazy things sometimes. What you can see below are a bunch of absolutely hilarious e-commerce videos we’ve stumbled upon in the last few months. Maybe they’re not the best product demos in terms of the product display and showcasing its features, but if you’re looking for funny clips, these are really the best e-commerce videos in history. So get ready for a good laugh and see 5 laureates from our competition for the funniest e-commerce videos in DemoUp history.

No. 5: Product Video for the Hilarious Not-a-Cat Cat

It’s not a cat product video, but The Not-a-Cat Cat video.

Maybe it’s easier to make funny e-commerce videos if you have funny products, but still, it must be admitted that Vat19’s video production crew has done an amazing job. I hope my cats won’t know that now I secretly dream of having Not-a-Cat Cat.

No. 4: Van Damme Stretching for Volvo

An Oscar for Van Damme’s or Volvo Dynamic Steering?

As you see, to make a funny video you don’t necessarily need a funny product. The only thing you need is some creativity and… Jean-Claude Van Damme ; )

No. 3: the Wurster!

Is it an amplifier or is it… Wurster.

It’s common knowledge that the Germans are huge fans of bratwurst and after watching this video, I think I’m becoming a fan as well. Those who say that Germans are lacking a sense of humor should definitely see this video.

No. 2: E-commerce Videos Promoting the Schticky

If you though lint roller has just one basic use, just watch Schticky’s video.

If someone told me before that I could like watching teleshopping whilst absolutely sober, I wouldn’t believe them. But this video proves that it’s possible. Have a look at how well it showcases the features of the product. It really is possible to make e-commerce videos that are funny and useful at the same time.

No. 1: Creative Product Video for the Canon EOS Rebel

There’s no moment that could not be captured by Canon EOS Rebel.

I just hope this product video wasn’t based on a real life situation. However, in the era of Keeping up with the Kardashians, I wouldn’t be very surprised if it actually was the case. At least the result is absolutely great.
When you stop laughing, please let us know if there are any other videos that you think we should add to our list of the funniest e-commerce videos in history.

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