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It’s not a problem to find a product video of a smartphone, stroller or some kitchen equipment. However, there are some groups of products that, despite their potential, are neglected in terms of e-commerce videos. Though they are sold online, no or very few professional demos for them exist. As a result, consumers are forced to watch questionable quality clips on YouTube which may discourage rather than encourage them to buy. Well, now it’s time to change that! So let’s take a look at 5 types of products that would definitely benefit from e-commerce videos.

Pets Don’t Watch E-commerce Videos, but Their Owners do

According to ASPCA around 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States. Thus the demand for pet products for animals is immense. Online retailers seem to be aware of that, since it’s not a much of a problem to buy a kennel, cat litter or a lead online. Yet to find a product video for one of these products is impossible. It’s a pity, since product videos for pets have huge potential. A pet owner would surely be pleased to see how an automatic cat feeder works, what functions GPS dog tracker has and what an led fish tank looks like in detail. Especially because lots of products like these are sold exclusively online.

screenshot of dog feeder in an olnie shop without demo videos


Lack of E-commerce Videos Drives Drivers Crazy

It’s already possible to buy a car online on Amazon, but let’s face it: no consumer would do that before seeing and testing it before. However, buying car parts and accessories on the internet is quite a popular practice. Despite this, finding e-commerce videos showing how to assemble a roof rack, explaining the features of an LCD car alarm system or presenting a hubcap is not easy. This is a huge loss for online shops, since almost every family has a car (or even more than one) nowadays. Well, I guess more online shops should look to this one for an example:


No Fashion for Fashion E-commerce Videos

According to Marketing Profs, clothes are one of the most popular groups of products bought online. Some online retailers have already decided to make use of clothing’s amazing potential for e-commerce videos. However, taking into account the number of consumers interested in fashion or simply needing a new pullover, the number of demo videos for clothes is still surprisingly low. Isn’t it important to know what the fabric looks like up close, or whether a jacket has a thick lining? It is for this reason that most of the consumers unfortunately have to turn to showrooming before making an online purchase.

chart showing most popular groups of products purchased online in 2013


YouTube Doesn’t Make Up for the Lack of Make Up E-commerce Videos

In 2013, the annual spending for cosmetics advertisements in the USA was around 3,6 billion dollars. It’s no wonder then that most women absolutely love buying cosmetics and men love buying them as gifts. Unfortunately, not all product testers are available in drugstores and not everybody has enough time to browse multiple stores. That’s why so many of them shop online. Even more probably would if they could see a decent product video for cosmetics they’re interested in. The exact color of a lipstick, ease of mineral foundation application and type of mascara wand are ideal for presentation in demo videos. YouTube users already know that, but it’s a shame that women have to turn to YouTube instead of being able to watch professional e-commerce videos.


Growing Hunger for Food E-commerce Videos

“Who would need videos for food?” you may ask. Well, it depends on what kind of food and drink we’re talking about. It’s not uncommon to find chocolate which costs $9.95 per bar and you can get monkey picked teas or fancy jar meals for vegetarians / gluten intolerant people. E-commerce stores that sell sweets, sauces or puddings from abroad are also gaining popularity. Since we are what we eat it would be nice to know what we buy, especially since the delivery costs are usually quite high for food. Foodies would definitely appreciate e-commerce videos showing what the inside of a chocolate bar looks like, how to prepare a cake from gluten free baking mix and whether the sauce in the jar really has big pieces of vegetables. For now, what is left are poor quality images and YouTube taste tests.

screenshot of harumi set in an online shop with no demo videos

If you’re an online retailer selling products from one of these categories, or a brand that specializes in one of them, there’s an immense opportunity waiting for you. Creating and popularizing e-commerce videos for them would please many consumers, generate more traffic for your website and improve your sales.

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Image Sources: Watching Static from Jason Rogers

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