As found at Captora, 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that create custom content.1 We’ve all heard the mantra: Content is King. But what do we mean by content marketing? Content is any media you produce for your ecommerce shop in order to interest and engage an audience. From product descriptions to brochures to video, content is what drives competitiveness, conversion rates and most importantly, SEO. The more personalized and relevant the content is, the more likely it is to be shared across multiple platforms, leading to more referral traffic.

SEO is necessary to improve your Google search rankings, but how to do this without investing in an expensive pay per click campaign? The answer’s simple: Produce high quality content that keeps users coming back for more. For this blog post we’re going to look at five ways to use content marketing to improve your traffic, SEO and User Experience.

1. Say more with a ‘How to’ or Demo Video

Creating or uploading video content such as product demos or ‘how to’s’ is a great way to engage your viewer, answer potential questions and quash any doubts. You can find out whether there are pre-existing product videos hosted on the DemoUp platform for free by using our new video scanner tool which you can read more about here.

2. Start a Trends and Inspiration Blog

For the fashion industry, it’s not enough to simply display products on your online shop, you have to create an enjoyable shopping experience. British online retailer Boohoo uses the Styla platform to integrate a shoppable interactive magazine onto their website. By delivering relevant valuable content, the brand can appeal to loyal customers as well as attract potential ones. In addition, when products are marketed as a ‘collection’, the company can benefit from multiple purchases which is always a good idea. This content marketing strategy is described as ‘storytelling’ and it’s becoming a more and more popular way to capture attention and promote engagement. According to Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post, “People think in stories, not statistics”.2

Boohoo Shoppable ECommerce Content

3. Write a Buyer’s Guide

As a consumer, it’s often difficult to make a final purchase decision when we are flooded with options, all varying in price, design and quality. One way white goods retailer AO differentiated themselves from competitors was by publishing buying guides to aid the decision making process. These guides are divided into product categories and then by features. For example a consumer looking to purchase a new washing machine can read about 9-10kg capacity drums or more effecient models. What better way to improve conversion rates than to give users the advice they would expect in a real shop?

AO Buying guide

4. Beat the brands on SEO

Another way to increase your Google search rankings is to provide an exceptional user experience on the product page. Writing your own product descriptions and using a greater variety of content – video, blog articles, user generated content – could encourage people to purchase from your website rather than directly from the brand. It might sound impossible to rank higher than brands but with an innovative team, we promise it can be done. See for yourself:

Chanel Google Search Rank

5. Host a Product Review Platform

Statistics show that 63% of consumers are more likely to buy from a website with User Reviews.3 Hosting a product reviews plugin on your shop can generate traffic from users actively seeking information about your product and if they like what they see, there’s potential for a sale. You might fear that negative reviews will put people off but an overwhelming 75% of Ecommerce Reviews are positive ones.4 In the cosmetics industry, dozens and dozens of bloggers review and produce content about the products they buy. This is a both good and bad for brands because on one hand it is beneficial to conversion rates but on the other hand it is extremely easy to get distracted on a blog. It is a similar scenario with YouTube. If you can attract the user to the online shop to read reviews rather than allow them to be read elsewhere, you have the advantage of keeping them close to the ‘Add to Basket’ button. One example of this is Benefit Cosmetics which ranks second in a Google search when seeking a product review.

Benefit Review Google Search

Benefit Product Review Forum

In summary, content marketing is something you need to be thinking about, if you aren’t already. Whether you host a few product videos or design a blog, it’s important to consider that in a world where time is valuable, what makes someone stay on your website?

Videos in Ecommerce

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