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There’s no doubt in the data that demo videos are improving the experience of your ecommerce store. However, in order to fully reap the rewards product videos can offer, they should fulfill certain criteria. These are quite different from what we would apply to other types of marketing video material. Let’s analyse, using examples, what to focus on when it comes to producing e-commerce videos.

1. An e-commerce video should display the product comprehensively

As the name suggests, the main task of a demo video is to give a demonstration of the product. Therefore, it is the product that should be the focus. It should be shown in detail both from a short and long distance, as well as from different angles. Remember that for a customer, watching a product video should be equivalent to seeing the item in a store.


2. An e-commerce video should explain the functions of the product

What the product looks like is important, however, what is even more crucial are the product functions. As the data proves, there’s no better way to explain product functions than a video. Since 71% of consumers consider product videos to be the best way to explain product features 1 it is crucial that your demo really does that.


3. An e-commerce video should show the product in action

Though sufficient explanation of a product’s features and functions is crucial, what really helps the customer to imagine using the product is showing it being used by someone else. Showing a product in action has a substantial influence on the final purchase decision.


4. An e-commerce video should provide the product specification

Product specifications are extremely important, especially in the case of consumer electronics. No matter how great the product may be, the consumer won’t buy it unless they know whether it works according to their expectations and is compliant with other appliances they use. The information about dimensions, weight and the material product is made from can also prove very useful.


5. An e-commerce video should show the product name and / or number

Though it may seem obvious, it’s not uncommon for a video to lack basic information like the product name. Naming the video with the product name or providing this information in the description really isn’t enough. The video may be seen by consumer somewhere else than on your website or YouTube channel and in this instance, they wouldn’t know what the product is. Don’t force them to waste their time searching the web for the product name or number.


6. An e-commerce video should have a high quality of image and sound

That’s another basic component of a good product video. High quality not only ensures that the product can be seen in detail, but also shows the professionalism of the brand or online shop. Poor quality videos may discourage, rather than encourage, the consumer from purchasing.


A perfect product video

A perfect product video would be the one that combines all of these features. Is it possible? Of course it is! Just take a look at this video.

The video above is a perfect example of a well-made, comprehensive product video that combines all of the important features we mentioned. Focusing on them while producing or choosing product videos for your online shop is the key to success.

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