Videos are great, we all know that and that’s why we all watch them. We do it on laptops, tablets and mobile phones; at home and at work. No video for today, sorry. Instead take a look at some impressive facts and statistics about online videos. Let’s go!

“A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.”
Dr. James McQuivey

1. 60% of us chose video over text

If a video is available, 60% of internet users play the video before reading the text.No wonder. After whole day at work, probably spent in front of the computer, our eyes and brains are tired. Video informs you faster and in a more engaging way.

2. In one month 196.5 million Americans watched videos online

In August 2014, 196.5 million Americans watched videos online. That makes up 62% of the total population. 2 Just imagine how this number would increase if we took not only Americans, but the whole population into consideration.


Online Video Consumption in the United States

online video views statistic

3. Each American watches 19 hours of internet video per month

According to ComScore, each American views, on average, more than 19 hours of internet video every month. Just do some basic Maths. You’ll figure out that it makes up 228 hours per year, which is almost 10 days! And that’s just for one person!

4.Video streams make up almost 3/4 of worldwide data volume

In 2013 video streams were responsible for 66% of worldwide data volume on the internet. Seem like a lot? Well, If we extrapolate this number onto the total world population, we’re looking at more than 5 billion viewers by 2018! 3


Global Mobile Internet Traffic Generated through Video (Terabytes per Month)

Global Mobile Internet Traffic Generated through Video Graph

5. More and more videos are viewed on mobiles

In September 2013, 15% of all online videos were viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is nearly double the previous year’s figure of 8%. We can’t live without videos. So they travel with us by bus and accompany us… into the bathroom (admit it).

6. Mobile users love product videos

Mobile users view videos in online shops 3x more frequently than desktop users. 4 Well, planning shopping on your way back home after work makes the journey much more exciting. Thank goodness that there are more and more mobile friendly shops.

Surprised by the stats? Well, I am not. Online video is the media of the future. That’s why you should seriously consider using videos not just for fun, but as a marketing tool. I hope that our blog helps you with that.

Videos in Ecommerce

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