Video Analytics in Ecommerce: Insights from 50 Mio. Datapoints

video ecommerce sales increase

Video analytics and profit, what do they have in common? More than you may think. Video analytics in ecommerce can provide a meaningful interpretation of raw data to reveal profitable patterns of product pages with video. Video data includes a variety of information such as: how many plays a video has, how long it is […]

E-Commerce Experience from Hell: 8 Things that Drive Shoppers Crazy

flames of hell's e-commerce experience:

If some of your customers don’t complete their purchase or they never return to your online store after completing a transaction, they can’t have been completely satisfied with their e-commerce experience. Maybe you’re asking yourself why? Well, if you find anything that applies to your online shop on the list below, you have your answer. […]

E-commerce History: How Product Visualization Changed Over Time

product visualization change: apple product page in 2001 and 2015

36 years have already passed by since Michael Aldrich invented online shopping in 1979. A lot has changed since that time. Aldrich’s transaction processing computer was replaced by the internet, delivery time shrunk from weeks to hours and the online payment practically ousted cash on delivery. The way products are presented online has undergone an […]

6 Characteristics of Highly Effective E-commerce Videos (with Examples)

Canon product video that displays the product comprehensively

There’s no doubt in the data that demo videos are improving the experience of your ecommerce store. However, in order to fully reap the rewards product videos can offer, they should fulfill certain criteria. These are quite different from what we would apply to other types of marketing video material. Let’s analyse, using examples, what […]

Online Shopping Experience: Cheat Sheet for Your E-commerce Store

From the moment of reaching your homepage to the final purchase, the consumer has to make a few big steps. If you don’t want them to turn around, you have to be sure to give them the best possible shopping experience at each phase of that journey. Let’s follow your consumer’s steps from the main […]

5 Ecommerce Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2016

Will drone delivery be a new e-commerce trend?

It’s 2016 already! The New Year’s Eve party is over and it’s time to talk business. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to improve your online store’s performance, you can’t ignore the upcoming e-commerce trends. Which of 2015’s strategies will continue to thrive and which new innovations will gain recognition in the new […]

7 Most Common Mistakes of Product Video Production

mistakes can ruin all the effort put in product video production

Product videos can be a blessing to both the brand that provides them and the online shop that has them integrated to the product pages. However, the success of videos is highly dependent on their quality. You won’t be very successful providing consumers with underwhelming demos. What’s more, the mistakes of product video production may […]

5 Types of Products that Suffer from Lack of E-commerce Videos

man watching static screen wirh no e-commerce videos

It’s not a problem to find a product video of a smartphone, stroller or some kitchen equipment. However, there are some groups of products that, despite their potential, are neglected in terms of e-commerce videos. Though they are sold online, no or very few professional demos for them exist. As a result, consumers are forced […]

5 Most Hilarious E-commerce Videos in History

Picture from one of the best e-commerce videos: Volvo Trucks with Van Damme

Uploading and integrating e-commerce videos on a daily basis, we encounter really crazy things sometimes. What you can see below are a bunch of absolutely hilarious e-commerce videos we’ve stumbled upon in the last few months. Maybe they’re not the best product demos in terms of the product display and showcasing its features, but if […]