Demoup brand video scanner
There are thousands of product videos that have been created by brands and are waiting to be used by online merchants. The problem is that it’s often really difficult to have a good overview of the number of brand videos that are out there and available to be integrated into online shops.
That’s why DemoUp have developed an exciting new solution to this problem. The new ecommerce video scanner is now live and was created to help you to find out how many brand videos you can integrate into your online shop.The video scanner is really easy to use and works by scanning your product pages and showing how many matching videos exist within DemoUp’s online video platform. And guess what – it’s absolutely free!

Match products on your live shop to brand videos on DemoUp’s online platform

So, here’s how the scanner works:
It begins by scanning your online shop’s products, then matching these products with corresponding videos stored in DemoUp’s online video platform.
Demoup brand video scanner
When scanning is complete, it displays the number of matching videos that we have for your shop. It also tells you the number of brands within your shop that we have videos for and the estimated conversion uplift for video viewers.
Demoup brand video scanner

More online shops are choosing to integrate ecommerce videos

The ecommerce video scanner was developed to help anyone who is planning to integrate ecommerce videos into their online shop. It allows you to make a more informed decision about whether it would be better for you to produce your own ecommerce video, or to upload a video that has already been created by a brand. By seeing how many existing brand videos correspond to your own products, you can decide which would be the most cost effective decision based on the individual requirements of your online shop.
More and more online shops want to integrate ecommerce videos for a huge number of reasons – to name a couple, product videos can increase your conversion rate by an average of 95%, and reduce returns by 25%. The video scanner will make it much easier for online merchants to make the most of these advantages, since product videos that have been created by brands will be much more accessible to all.
An example of a brand video that’s been integrated by DemoUp:
Product Video Play Button Integration

Scan your website for matching brand videos now with just one click

The ecommerce video scanner is now live and available for you to use to find out how many videos correspond to the products on your online store. For the feature to work, you just need to enter your shop domain and an email address and your shop will be scanned. So head over to our scanning page and check out how many videos we have for your shop now.

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