e-commerce reviews are trusted by 70% of consumers70% of consumers consult e-commerce reviews or ratings before buying online.1 What’s more, according to research conducted by Nielsen the same percentage of consumers trust online opinions. Despite this fact, many e-commerce retailers are hesitating to introduce reviews to their shops. This fear is partially understandable – nobody wants to read negative comments about their business or products. However, the benefits of positive e-commerce reviews definitely outweigh the potential risks. See why it really pays off to have reviews in your online shop.

75% of E-commerce Reviews Are Positive2

First some good news: the percentage of negative reviews is not very high. Thus, as long as your products are decent, you have nothing to worry about. Of course, some critics may appear sooner or later, but if it happens on your website, you have a control over it. If you respond quickly and explain the situation politely, you will still be viewed as a trustworthy retailer.

63% of Consumers Are More Likely to Buy from a Site with User Reviews.3

The majority of consumers can’t imagine buying a product online before reading or watching opinions about it. If you decide not to include e-commerce reviews in your shop, consumers will find them somewhere else. Thus, this way you consciously decide to let potential customers to leave your site. Yes, some of them might come back after they’ve learned more about the product, but most of them won’t. They will purchase from another online shop. The one which provides them with e-commerce reviews.

e-commerce reviews on product search page

90 % of Consumers Claim Positive E-commerce Reviews Influenced Their Buying Decisions4

Buying online always carries some potential risks with it. You can’t be 100% sure that the product will fulfill your expectations. That’s why consumers turn to e-commerce reviews. Comments and opinions of those who have already made a purchase give a sense of security. And if the reviews are positive, this sense of security increases. As a result, consumers don’t hesitate anymore. What’s more, they feel encouraged to purchase. According to SocialBarrel, a highly rated product almost doubles the likelihood of a customer making a purchase.

positive e-commerce reviews on a product page

User Reviews Can Boost Conversion by up to 20% and Produce an 18% Uplift in Sales5

Conversion rate is one of the most important yardsticks of an online shop’s success. Out of many ways to increase conversion, such as product videos or good SEO strategy, introducing e-commerce reviews is probably the easiest one. You just enable the review option and wait for your customers to do the job. They write and record and the you reap the rewards, which you can literally see on your bank account – the uplift in sales is almost 20%.

e-commerce reviews can uplift sales up to 18% graph


E-commerce Reviews Drive Loyalty by 18% and 21% Higher Purchase Satisfaction6

To win a new customer is a success, but to have them come back to your shop is even a greater one. Reviews reduce the probability that a customer won’t be satisfied with the product and if they are, it is much more likely that they will come back to make another purchase. Thus, e-commerce reviews offer you a double advantage.
Isn’t this data enough to prove that introducing e-commerce reviews into your online shop is an easy and effective way to make your shop much more successful? More customers, higher satisfaction levels, better sales and increase in conversion rate – that’s what you can gain.

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  1. Reviews are very important to decide for a consumers. The more positive reviews come on a product the more conversion increase. I think this information will be very helpful for e commerce owners. Thank you for this blog.

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