It’s time for you to join the e-commerce revolution. Product videos have taken the market by storm, letting customers window shop in a whole new way, whenever and wherever they want. In such a fast paced industry you can’t afford to be left behind, but with so many demo videos on offer, it’s difficult to choose which path to go down.

Know your Company’s Needs so you Choose the Right E-Commerce Video

Knowing whether to upload or produce your own e-commerce video depends on the individual needs of your company and what you’re offering. As a first step, take a look at our flow chart for guidance about which option would meet your needs the best (click to enlarge):
Produce or Upload Demo Videos for my E-Commerce Site
You should also take into account the type of product or service that you will be demonstrating. Some types of products or services would hugely benefit from a video uploaded from a brand, whilst others would have a higher success rate if videos were produced individually. The diagram below gives an indication of which products would be best suited to which type of e-commerce video (click to enlarge):
Products that Benefit from Producing and Uploading Ecommerce Demo Videos

Uploading E-Commerce Videos from a Brand

Many well-known brands have created demo videos for their products, which are available for providers to upload to their e-commerce product pages. There is a really good selection of product videos which have been made to a high standard, since brands tend to have a higher budget for video creation. It’s an effective way to get a large number of high quality videos for your product page at a low cost.
The problem is that so many providers aren’t even aware that these videos are out there and waiting to be used. Even after you discover them, the process of getting permission from brands to use these videos and then incorporating them into your product page can be long and time consuming. You can get around this with providers like DemoUp, who will contact brands on your behalf and then match each video up with the correct product. This makes video uploading a much more accessible option for e-commerce providers, since DemoUp already has thousands of videos in their database ready to be used.
Uploading videos from brands can be a really effective solution if you want to display an e-commerce video for a product that would fall into the left hand circle of the venn diagram above. Here are a few examples of how conversion rates have changed for some of these types of products, after a demo video has been uploaded onto their product page (click to enlarge)1:
Conversion Rate Increase after Demo Videos Uploaded to Product Page

Producing your own E-Commerce Videos

Producing your own demo video provides you with endless opportunities to reach out to potential new customers. You can create a really personalised video to explain your company ethos and offer the best service possible. You’ll also find that demo video production will work wonders for SEO as you are producing unique content, which is exactly what search engines are looking for.
However, producing a video is really expensive – you’re looking at between 2,000 – 20,000 euros to get one professionally created.2 It’s also pretty time consuming, usually taking at least six weeks to be produced.3 In general, producing a video is only considered to be an option if you have one product or service that you want to demonstrate, since it isn’t viable to make a large number of videos to demonstrate every product individually.
Video production is really beneficial for start-ups who have an idea that they want to demonstrate in a personal way. It’s also a great idea to create a video for a unique product, because new products or services often need a great explanation so that potential customers understand what it’s all about. Long, descriptive paragraphs of text don’t have the same effect as videos when it comes to capturing an audience, which is why explainer videos are such a popular solution.
Below is an example of a really effective product video that was created by Epipheo for Docusign:

Overall, it’s all about keeping it simple for your customers by providing them with a short but detailed explanation of what you’ve got to offer, without the need for large paragraphs of text. It’s important to research what’s out there and to see how you can use e-commerce videos to reach out to your customers in the most effective way. Including an explainer video means increasing awareness and trust in your company, and the growth of these attributes means that your business will continue to prosper.
Videos in Ecommerce

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