If some of your customers don’t complete their purchase or they never return to your online store after completing a transaction, they can’t have been completely satisfied with their e-commerce experience. Maybe you’re asking yourself why? Well, if you find anything that applies to your online shop on the list below, you have your answer. Have a look at some authentic complaints that online shoppers have made to ensure that none of your consumers are exposed to this kind of e-commerce experience from hell.

What Ruins E-commerce Experiences According to Customers


1. Slow Websites with Errors

The fact that consumers spend a long time on your website is usually a good sign. However, if the reason for this is that pages load too slowly, it’s nothing to be proud of. Every second that a consumer spends waiting for consecutive pages to load increases their frustration. And if all the consumer gets at the end of this wait is an error message, their e-commerce experience is completely ruined. What’s more is that if the errors appear during the payment process, the consumer becomes insecure and starts doubting how much they can trust your store.
bad e-commerce experience: connection problems

Website suffered from extremely poor levels of performance: it was slow, sluggish, even unresponsive at times. A lot of the times, an entire shopping cart’s contents would be lost with little input as to why. This required finding all of the items again + rubbing together chicken bones hoping it wouldn’t happen again.


2. Not Enough Product Details

An online consumer is aware that they won’t be able to see the product like in a regular store. However, they expect that the website will provide them with enough information about the product to make a purchase decision. If it doesn’t, there’s no way that they will rate the e-commerce experience positively. Terse product description, small or missing images and a lack of product videos. How can you expect consumer to buy something unseen?

bad e-commerce experience: no product image

Try purchasing some electronics. In most of the cases, the details are just not present. You are expected to do your research on the product elsewhere and then come back to purchase. Very very frustrating. Rashmi


3. Problematic Checkout

You may think that you have already won a consumer when they reach this point. Nothing could be further from the truth! A long and confusing checkout can turn a decent e-commerce experience into a nightmare. The endless filling in of forms and confusing questions discourages consumers. And if, after all that, what a consumer encounters is a problem with payment, you can’t expect them to complete their purchase.

bad online shopping experience: checkout queue in an e-commerce store

Our experience with [the shop] was over before it even began. Every time my husband and I tried to place an order from the saved cart – or just to place an order period – we’ve had a problem.


4. Product Is Different from the Ordered One

Improper product visualization can lead to disaster. If your product page misleads the consumer to imagine a product in a certain way, they will be very disappointed when they receive something that looks completely different. The same applies to sending a completely different product. No matter if it’s due to a mistake or stock being unavailable, the only thing you can expect from a customer who doesn’t receive what they ordered is outrage. Especially if, like in the example below, it leads to a lot of inconvenience.

They delivered me Dell laptop with 90W HP charger. […] Incidentally I used that 90 W charger and my laptop battery got damaged so when my new charger arrived I was waiting for new battery. When I switched on my laptop with new charger and new battery I got to know that my laptop has Ubuntu OS which is of no use of me so I had to give my laptop to the nearest service provider to install Windows OS.


5. Poor Customer Service

The primary task of customer service is improving an e-commerce experience. And that’s exactly what consumers expect. Calling or e-mailing customer service usually already means that some problem occurred. If it can’t be solved and additionally, the consumer isn’t treated with understanding and respect, they’ll be left with the worst impression possible.

bad e-commerce experience: poor customer service, joke

No matter what I tried to do [they] would just NOT contact me or reply/ revert to me. I chased them every day after 5 days of my order not reaching me and at the end of it they coughed up a random excuse which till now I cannot find justifiable, because it wasn’t.

Incompetent, borderline-rude telephone customer service.


6. Delayed Delivery

If you state on your website that the package will be delivered in 2 days, that’s exactly the time scale within which it should be delivered. If the consumer is planning to wear the dress she ordered on a particular occasion or is waiting for a charger, being unable to use her laptop for even 1 day longer than expected can make her see red. So it’s better not to make promises you can’t keep.

My boyfriend and I ordered a diamond and pink sapphire ring for my birthday. Paid $30 for it to be shipped overnight. Order was placed on Friday, today is Wednesday – the website said that the order was still being processed this morning. I called, and they stated that it was at their warehouse and will take at least 3 days to arrive. I will NEVER order anything from them again. Totally unreliable.


7. Product Damaged in Delivery or Factory Flawed

Just imagine a disappointment of a customer who opens the package, excited to see the longed-for product and gets the one that’s damaged or flawed. And even if you feel you have nothing to reproach yourself with, it is you who has to handle the matter with delivery company or the brand. Otherwise the customer’s e-commerce experience will be ruined and you will appear to be untrustworthy.

bad e-commerce experience: product damaged in delivery

The ring, well the center most stone fell out pretty much right away. Have the warranty and they were fast to send the label and returned. What I received… Awful! The red stone from the band was missing.


8. Unfair Return Policy

If you think complicated and costly returns will discourage your consumers from returning their orders, you’re mistaken. It will just discourage them from shopping at your online store. The idea of getting a product that isn’t satisfying is a terrible e-commerce experience and if the consumer also has to deal with an unfair return policy, they will not only not shop at your store again, but will also warn others not to do so.

I was shocked when I heard their return Policy. They told me that I’d have to write a letter and courier the product to them. But, they also told me that I’ll only be REFUNDED 10% OF AMOUNT (999/-) or Rs. 750/- whichever is LOWER for the COURIER charges. That’s so FOOLISH.

I really hope you didn’t find any complains that could apply to your online store among these quotes. And if you did, all is not lost. Knowing what annoys consumers means that you’ve got the opportunity to improve their e-commerce experience.

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