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Why your Online Shop needs Ecommerce Video

Leading ecommerce merchants, such as Amazon, Zappos and Asos, have already heavily integrated ecommerce videos into their product pages. Customers love ecommerce videos and retailers are seeing great results from video integration, so now an increasing number of merchants want to introduce ecommerce videos into their marketing strategy.

Video Delivers Results

Product Videos Increase Conversion Rates


How to Get Good Product Videos


Video Production is Expensive

The production of an ecommerce video is very expensive, meaning that the cost is often too high for online retailers to be able to afford. Video production also takes time, with the whole process usually taking at least six weeks to be completed.

The price range for the various types of videos that can be produced is outlined in the graph below. The costs displayed are per video, meaning that if an online store wants to integrate a series of product videos then they would need to pay for each one separately.

Online video databases are an alternative to video production, allowing merchants to integrate ecommerce videos into their product pages almost immediately and at a much lower cost.

How to Get Product Videos

Online Video Databases

Online video platforms host thousands of ecommerce videos that have already been created and can be integrated into ecommerce product pages straight away, by inserting a line of code into your product page template.

These videos are official product demo videos that have been created by brands. What’s more, since brands have a high budget to work with, the videos are created to a very high quality and give a comprehensive overview of a product’s features.

It is possible to see how many brand videos DemoUp has for any online store through the use of the online video scanning tool, which can be found under

Demoup brand video scanner

Tips for Integrating Videos into your Online Shop


Which Play Button Works Best

DemoUp have A/B tested numerous video thumbnails and buttons to evaluate which is the best performing. In general, thumbnails with a play button in front work best. However, if there is not enough space on a product page, a simple play button with the text “video” or “play video” is a good alternative.

Play button thumbnail ecommerce video

Where to Place the Play Button

The video should be displayed at the top of the page, above the fold where it is easily visible to visitors. Videos positioned at the top of the page receive 38% more views than those positioned at the bottom.8

Videos should be embedded near to other visual aids, such as images, because this is where visitors will be searching for visual product information.

Play button best integration ecommerce video

Beware of Ads and Blank Screens

It’s tempting to host videos on YouTube, but viewers can be drawn away from your product page or distracted by YouTube adverts appearing during the video.

Additionally, if a video embedded into your product page is deleted from YouTube, customers will only see an error message which will negatively impact their shopping experience.

Only Integrate High Quality Videos

Videos should be made to a high quality because viewers associate the quality of the video with the quality of the product. A high quality video suggests to customers that the product shown is also high quality.

High quality videos also allow viewers to clearly see the product’s attributes. Videos are effective at driving conversion rates because they give customers a comprehensive overview of a product without the need to resort to showrooming.

Below is an example of a high quality video from Concord, which gives a detailed insight into the product’s features and has increased conversion rates for shops by 90%.


Use a CDN for Fast Streaming

In order to achieve a smooth streaming experience, videos should be delivered by a content delivery network. You should also ensure that your videos can be played on all end devices. DemoUp have observed that between 20-40% of views come from mobile devices or tablets.

Video SEO for Ecommerce


Video Rich Snippets Drive Traffic

In order to be displayed as a rich snippet in a search engine results page, videos must contain an alt text description so that search engine spiders can understand the content of the video. The alt text description is automatically included when an online video database is used.

Video results in a universal search have a 41% higher click through rate than plain text pages.1 Therefore a product page that displays a video rich snippet in search engine results pages will receive significantly more traffic than a product page without a video.

Ecommerce Video Rich Snippets SEO

More Time Spent on your Page

Video viewers will stay on a web page for an average of 2 minutes longer than visitors who don’t watch videos.9

A search engine assumes that a visitor will spend more time on a site because there are large quantities of relevant information to take in. The page will then rank higher in future searches because it is deemed relevant.

Videos are Great for Link Building

Videos are shared 12 times more than both text and links combined.10 By integrating an ecommerce video, shares will increase dramatically, which has two major benefits for online shops:

If users share your content, it will generate more traffic and increase the number of inbound links to your online shop. The more inbound links a page has, the higher it will rank in search engine results pages.

Video content shared by users is also a useful free marketing tool. Online shops can benefit from advertising their products using high quality videos at no extra cost.

Video Statistics and Performance Tracking

Video analytics allow you to continually monitor the effectiveness of an ecommerce video after integrating it into your product page, so you can identify the videos that are performing well and those that are not. In the case of the latter, you can use video analytics to understand why the video isn’t working effectively and implement changes.

4 KPIs you should Track

4 KPIs you should track

View Rate

The number of product page visitors that play an ecommerce video. If a video has a low view rate, it is possible to work out what is causing the problem and make changes. For instance, re-positioning the video on the product page could impact its number of views. DemoUp measures the average view rate to be 11.4% of visitors.

Attention Span

What percentage of a video is viewed before visitors stop watching. Attention span monitoring allows you to find out if viewers enjoy watching your videos. If the attention span is low, you can pinpoint when viewers stop watching and work out why they lose interest at this point. DemoUp measures that the average viewer will play 85% of a video before they lose interest and stop watching.

Add-to-Cart Conversion Rate

The difference in add-to-cart conversion rate between visitors who watch product videos and visitors who don’t. It’s important to measure a video’s influence on your add-to-cart conversion rate, since there is no point in investing in ecommerce videos that are not impacting your bottom line. DemoUp measures that the conversion rate for video viewers is 87% higher than that of non-viewers.

Revenue Generated

How much revenue has been generated as a result of the integration of an ecommerce video into your product page. By tracking revenue generated you can see the return on investment of your videos – if a video isn’t impacting your revenue then it probably isn’t a worthwhile investment for your online shop.

How DemoUp can Help

Get Product Videos for Online Store

Connect to Video Database

We have an online database of over 50,000 ecommerce videos that have been created by leading brands from a wide range of industries, including Sony, Canon, DeWalt, Hasbro and Samsung.

DemoUp work in partnership with online merchants, helping them to integrate ecommerce videos quickly and easily into their product pages. We provide online merchants with a line of code to copy into their product pages and then take care of the rest of the work.

Video and Product Matching

Our system works by scanning the online store, then integrating the corresponding videos that we have within our database into each product page. This process is completely automated and requires no input from online merchants. Our videos are continuously updated, ensuring that the most up-to-date version is always shown on shop product pages.

Increase Conversions by 87%

The result is an average add-to-cart conversion rate increase of 87% for customers who watch product videos compared to customers who don’t. We also provide an online dashboard with video analytics, making it possible to monitor the progress of every video on your online store.

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You can find out how many videos DemoUp has for your online shop for free, at

Videos in Ecommerce

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