Increasing conversion rate is an ongoing challenge for every online retailer. Product videos in general are one of the most effective tools to reach that goal. However, this post is not about ordinary product videos, but the very best ones. We’ve filtered through thousands of product demos from DemoUp’s own unique dataset of more than 450 brands providing videos, to find the real outliers among them.

To What Extent Can Product Videos Increase Conversion Rate?

chart showing increase in conversion rate caused by product videos
On average we observed that consumers who watched a video had a 67% higher conversion rate than those who didn’t. To be more specific: the conversion rate measured here is the product page visit to add-to-cart conversion. This data was gathered during September and November of 2015, mostly on European retailers ranging from consumer electronics and DIY to childrens’ products and appliances. While the overall increase in conversion is already impressive, we found that some videos perform well above the average. The four videos you’ll find below are real outliers in terms of performance.


Kärcher Steam Cleaner +425% Conversion Rate

Kärcher Steam Cleaner is an innovative product and being innovative also means that to consumers its functions are a bit abstract. Describing them with text would make the product seem overly complicated. The video, on the other hand, explains the features by showing them in action, which makes it very easy for potential buyers to understand how it works. Additionally, the video makes cleaning look like an easy and quite pleasant task you can do effortlessly, listening to some cheerful music. That’s why the video has such a massive influence on the conversion rate.

Concord Neo Stroller +242% Conversion Rate

In the picture, Concord Neo looks like an ordinary stroller. The video, however, presents the product in such a way that it appears really unique. All its important features are zoomed in, presented in detail and in movement. What’s more, their benefits are skillfully emphasized so that the consumer, who might have not even been aware of them before, realizes how important the product features are. As a result, the consumer not only feels that they want to buy the product, they feel that they need to buy it. The influence on conversion rate is, thus, obvious.

Samsung TV +138,5% Conversion Rate

This Samsung TV is undoubtedly a high-end product and a high-end product needs a high-end product video. This one definitely fulfills this requirement. Just like Apple’s videos, it gives the product this unique sense of elitism and superiority. The features are explained by a movie-like voiceover and showcased with perfect quality, appealing pictures that really seem to confirm the promise of “an image like you’ve never seen before”. How can consumers resist a product depicted in that way? Well, the conversion rate shows they actually can’t.

Cybex Pallas Kid Car Seat +102% Conversion Rate

What is important in the case of a car seat demo such as Cybex Pallas are the technical details of the product. A parent considering purchasing isn’t as interested in the product’s visual aspect as in its specification. Will the size fit my car? Is the product suitable for a child my son’s age? Will it be easy for me to assemble? This product video answers all of these questions in a comprehensive way. If the explanation had a text form, it would not only be very long but also difficult to grasp. On the contrary, seeing the features in action, consumers can easily imagine themselves using the product.

Why do these Videos Have Such a Strong Influence on Conversion Rate?

All of the above videos address major concerns that consumers have when making a purchase decision:

Which of the questions is the most important can vary widely depending on the product category sold. All of the above videos answer the main questions consumers have for the product category in an excellent and easy to understand way. In order to make a final decision about the purchase, the consumer must feel sure that they will be satisfied with the product. And here’s when product videos come in. According to Multichannel Merchant, 71% of consumers believe there’s no better option than a demo to explain product features. The purchase decision becomes even easier if the video itself leaves a positive impression on the consumer. Good quality images, catchy music or emotionally appealing language and the consumer is won.

Great job and congratulations to the producers and minds behind these videos!

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