Getting videos from brands to boost your online shop’s performance is a great idea. What’s the advantage? They are usually really good, sometimes even outstanding (just think of Apple’s product videos). No wonder, only brands and manufacturers have the resources to shoot videos that are crafted to perfection. It would be a pity not to use them. So, let’s have a look at what the process of getting brand and manufacturer videos looks like. Below you’ve got it in a nutshell.

Getting Access to Brand Videos is Complicated

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Let me explain it a bit. Usually retail partners get access to the brand and manufacturer videos on request. So what you have to do is to contact the person responsible for video content in a chosen company. But first you need to find that person. This isn’t an easy task because we’re talking about big conglomerate companies. The problem becomes overwhelming when you have to deal with different departments for different product categories and video languages. Let’s assume you’re lucky and you’ve managed to reach the desired person or people. Now you need to convince them to grant you the access to brand and manufacturer videos. This again may be a challenge.

Done? Great! Now you need to repeat this process with every brand you sell products of. Good luck… If you’re already at the point where you think you might go crazy, remember that each brand uses its own very specific product content management system with different video formats, update procedures and ways to download videos.

So, though brand and manufacturer videos are undoubtedly good in terms of quality and content, getting them from their direct source is far from being easy. Just compare that process with the one of DemoUp. I won’t waste my time convincing you that it’s as easy as posting videos on Facebook, just take a look:

Automate Your Product Video Integration

easy way to integrate brans videos in an online shop

Looks good? Visit our website to learn more. I promise, it’s much easier to get in touch with us than with any brand.

Videos in Ecommerce

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