You don’t need to be a marketing expert to figure out that product videos completly changed the online shopping experience. But since we’ve already gathered the data from industry surveys and marketing experts, it would be a pity not to read them.


Marketing Experts on the Video Shopping Experience


Matthew Lawson, Previous Head of Conversion at

Video gives us the opportunity to wow our customers and this, in turn, delivers results. We have tested and proven that when someone watches our video reviews, they’re 120.5% more likely to buy, spend 157.2% longer on the site and spend 9.1% more per order.

video integrated on ao product page changes online shopping experience



Andrew Fraser, Director at Winterson:

Since we introduced video to Winterson in 2012, we have seen significant improvements in average page time and conversion rate, with corresponding decreases in other metrics such as page exit rate.

video integrated on winterson product page changes online shopping experience



Laurie Williams, Senior Manager of Website Operations at Zappos:

Since Zappos started producing product information videos in 2008, we have seen an increase in conversion, decrease in returns, increased organic traffic through SEO, and an enhanced social presence.

video integrated on zappos product page changes online shopping experience



Brian Mitchell,’s marketing director:

People don’t want to read five paragraphs to learn about a product. Listening to a video for 30 seconds tends to be an easier [and more enjoyable] way of doing it.

video integrated on PaintballOnline product page changes online shopping experience


Industry Surveys on Videos in E-commerce


51.9% of experts regard video as the content with the highest ROI

51.9% of marketing experts named video as the content with the best return on investment in a poll by eMarketer. No wonder then that 93% of them already utilize video.1 Making consumers’ shopping experiences attractive and informative really pays off. Thus it’s not surprising that marketing experts are fans of videos. If you want to make your online shop lucrative, it’s really high time that you join the video funclub.


74% of the top 50 online shops rely on video

74% of the top 50 US online shops utilize product videos. 40% of them employ category videos, and 38% have other forms of video in use.2 These videos are without a doubt one of the reasons why the shops are so successful. Thanks to videos, the online shopping experience has reached a completely new level. Customers are not only better informed, but also entertained. So learn from the best and also introduce videos to your online shop.

graph illustrating spendings for online video advertising in USA


Video is the top priority for 40% of retailers

Video is now the top priority for e-commerce retailers. 40% of them are planning to deploy videos to spice up consumers’ shopping experiences. The online retailing report from leads to the same results. It also states that product page improvements in online shops such as videos are the top priority in today’s e-commerce.3 Don’t let yourself get left behind and start thinking about making your consumers’ shopping experiences more attractive.

Videos in Ecommerce

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