It’s not enough to just add a video to your product page and then completely forget about it. If you’re serious about maximising your ROI, it’s really important to test your video’s success. Simple analytics can give you great insights into how effective your ecommerce video is at engaging customers and more importantly, at driving sales – so let’s take a look at a few simple ways that you can measure the performance of your ecommerce video.

Effect on Conversion Rate

One of the most important factors to consider is your conversion rate. An effective product video can substantially increase your conversion rate, since it should persuade customers to buy the product in question. Take a look at this lovely example from DeWalt:

DemoUp’s analytics show that customers who watched this video converted 233.2% more than customers who didn’t. That’s a massive increase, indicative of an informative and engaging product video that’s been properly integrated into product pages.
Measuring your video’s conversion rate should be your first step in measuring your video’s effectiveness – if you’ve integrated a video that isn’t having any impact on your conversion rate, then it’s a good indicator that something isn’t quite right. As a benchmark, DemoUp’s data indicates that the average conversion rate increase for those who watch video is 95%. If your figures aren’t comparable to this one, you can carry out a few more simple tests to identify the problem and put it right.

Is Your Ecommerce Video Engaging Visitors?

An effective ecommerce video should be both engaging and informative, so that visitors can learn about the product’s features without being bored. You can measure how long people will spend watching your video to find out how engaging it is – if the majority of users aren’t watching more than 10% of a video then it’s a good indicator that it’s either unhelpful or boring. DemoUp’s statistics show that the average viewer will watch around 85% of a video, which should give you an idea of what to aim for. Once you’ve worked out why viewers have a low attention span when watching a particular video, you can work on a way to fix it.
Product video not engaging

Is Your Ecommerce Video Getting Many Views?

Take a look at how many people who visit your product page will actually press play on your video. If it’s not getting that many views in proportion to visitors, you could probably improve the way that you’ve integrated your video into your product page.
Example of DemoUp’s view rate analytics:
Demoup view rate statistics analytics
Wistia experimented with the positioning of ecommerce videos on product pages in order to work out where the most effective location is.1 They analysed the view rate in each position of the page and their results showed that if a video is embedded at the top of the page, the average number of views is 38% higher than if it’s embedded at the bottom.
Try moving the video nearer to the top of your product page and see if the number of views increases. You should also integrate the video in the same place as product pictures. It should be as clear as possible to customers that a video is there and waiting to be watched – so near to product images is the most obvious place to put it, since it’s where they will be searching for visual aids. Once you’ve moved the video, see if the number of views increases
Example of how DemoUp integrate videos into product pages:
Product Video Play Button Integration
One of the most effective methods of measuring these factors is to use a video integration platform. For example, DemoUp make analytics readily available to ecommerce merchants so that it’s possible easily evaluate the performance of videos with just a few clicks. Making small changes to the way you’ve integrated your video can have massive impacts on your conversion rates, so it’s really important that you regularly carry out tests to examine the performance of your videos and identify areas for improvement.

Videos in Ecommerce

1. Wistia
2. Image 1: Sleeping Cat Copyright Christopher Bowns

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