1. Great points made here! As you mentioned, it’s hard to believe promotional videos without sound even exist in today’s world… we’re in the 2010s afterall (not 1910s). Audiences want the full experience.
    I hadn’t seen the Casio commercial before, but the longer I watched, the more I was confused about what they were trying to promote.

  2. I agree that the plot of the video can get in the way of the product, but I would err on the side of having an overdone plot than poor plot. It sounds obvious, but what I mean is that having a good video will get more out about a product than a poorly done one. More people will see it and even if the product isn’t up front most people should get the idea.

  3. These are mistakes that you would hope people would recognize as they made their video, but I guess there’s still a learning curve when it comes to video production. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Scarlett

    People do mistakes when they do things by themselves because they can’t match the class of a professional, small business startups should not do such things and should hire a professional video production company for their work purposes.

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