Ecommerce Video Report Q3 2016

Q3 2016 video statistics are finally in. In Brief Product demo videos stay to be the biggest ecommerce trend for the years to come. 11.6% of online consumers are clicking on ecommerce videos if they are available on the product page. Probably even more important product demonstration videos are increasing add to shopping cart rates […]

Video Analytics in Ecommerce: Insights from 50 Mio. Datapoints

video ecommerce sales increase

Video analytics and profit, what do they have in common? More than you may think. Video analytics in ecommerce can provide a meaningful interpretation of raw data to reveal profitable patterns of product pages with video. Video data includes a variety of information such as: how many plays a video has, how long it is […]

6 New Ecommerce Trends Shaping the Future of Online Retail

Ecommerce sales continue to grow on a yearly basis, yet despite this, only 7.7% of all retail sales took place online in the US in the first quarter of 2016.1 That means ecommerce has a lot of room to grow if it is to catch up with non-digital retail sales. In order to determine what […]

Is Webrooming bigger than Showrooming? An Ecommerce Guide

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Consumer shopping habits are constantly changing. With the introduction of new sales channels and the internet being more accessible than ever, consumers are overloaded with choices of how to part with their money. Higher demands, higher expectations and tougher competition mean that it’s extremely important to identify and streamline the right sales channels for your […]

The Benefits of Negative Reviews for Ecommerce Retailers

Negative Reviews Ecommerce

At some point, every online retailer will receive critical feedback. Reviews are subjective, and what one customer perceives to be excellent service, another may find unsatisfactory – that’s just human nature. What many online merchants don’t realise is that this critical feedback can bring advantages to online shops and shouldn’t be deleted. Here’s why:   […]

5 Ways Ecommerce Shops can improve Customer Retention

As we all know, customer shopping habits have changed dramatically in the past twenty years. Gone are the days when you would simply see something you like in a shop and then purchase it; there are now so many more stages in the customer decision making process that can be influenced positively or negatively. Technology […]

The Definitive Guide: Ecommerce Video Use in Online Shops

Definitive guide ecommerce videos

Why your Online Shop needs Ecommerce Video   Leading ecommerce merchants, such as Amazon, Zappos and Asos, have already heavily integrated ecommerce videos into their product pages. Customers love ecommerce videos and retailers are seeing great results from video integration, so now an increasing number of merchants want to introduce ecommerce videos into their marketing […]

Product Videos Increase Trust in your Online Store

Customers Believe Companies Create Video More Trustworthy

The conversion rate for customers who watch product videos is 95% higher than that of customers who don’t. Why? Because customers trust online stores who allow them to make an informed purchase decision by presenting a comprehensive overview of their products. Product Videos Show Honesty 57% of customers believe that product videos reduce ambiguity. That’s […]

3 Ecommerce Shops using Video to create a Unique User Experience

As you know, at DemoUp we love video. From the reasons why video drives conversion rates to how to create the perfect product video, we could really talk about it all day. In today’s post we’re discussing 3 Ecommerce shops that use video to create a Unique User Experience. What’s a “Unique User Experience” you […]

Why you Need to Start a Blog for your Ecommerce Shop

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Every industry has a blogging community. Whether it’s the fashion industry, music industry or the tools industry, there are always groups of people creating content for advice and entertainment purposes. Starting a business blog for your Ecommerce shop isn’t an easy task but the return on investment can be very impressive. We wrote briefly about […]