The conversion rate for customers who watch product videos is 95% higher than that of customers who don’t. Why? Because customers trust online stores who allow them to make an informed purchase decision by presenting a comprehensive overview of their products.

Product Videos Show Honesty

57% of customers believe that product videos reduce ambiguity. That’s why product videos are considered to be a great tool in increasing customer trust in your online store – they show customers that you have nothing to hide. Providing a detailed overview of a product reduces the doubt in a customer’s mind that the product will be low quality when it arrives. This is especially the case when the video is high quality, since any flaws or defects in the product will be highlighted on camera with nowhere to hide.
Product Videos Increase Order Value Reduce Returns
In ecommerce, honesty is always the best policy if online merchants want to encourage repeat purchases and boost their sales stats. The proof lies in the fact that product videos increase the average order value by 50%1 and reduce returns by 25%2, since product videos make customers feel confident in their purchases.

High Quality Videos for High Quality Products

58% of consumers believe that companies with video content are more trustworthy.3 This means that just by having a product video on your online store, customers will already trust you more as a merchant. Customers associate high quality videos with high quality products. Therefore, if there is a high quality product video displayed on an online store, customers will assume that the product being displayed is of a high quality too.
Customers Believe Companies Create Video More Trustworthy

Increase Conversion for Smaller Brands

Less known brands have a much higher conversion rate increase after adding a product video than those with high brand equity. With well known brands, customers already have a high level of trust in a product’s quality and its ability to perform. However, with smaller and less known brands that customers haven’t heard of, they will be much more cautious of purchasing a product online. Product videos help to increase the customer’s trust levels in this sense by giving a comprehensive overview of the product, its features and its quality.

Personalisation Boosts Sales

A big issue for customers is that the online shopping process is largely automated and there is little or no interaction with real people, making it difficult to offer great customer service and thus difficult for customers to have a high level of trust in who they are purchasing from. The inclusion of a product video humanises the online shopping process and a personalised product video shows customers that your online store is run by real people who care about customer needs, which in turn significantly increases their levels of trust in your store.

60 Percent Customers Prefer Video

Product videos allow you to give a much more personalised sales offering, a little like a face-to-face sales pitch, but online. You can explain the product’s features to a customer without making them scroll through large quantities of text, which is a much more personal way of delivering product information. That’s why 60% of customers asked said that they prefer product videos to text, where both options are available.4

Improved Reputation

Product videos improve your reputation as a seller. Customers are engaged from the moment that they reach your page since they don’t have to search far for all of the information that they’re looking for, it’s right there in an easy to watch product video. This is a key factor, since a website’s appearance and ease of use both have a strong impact customer trust levels.

Overall, product videos increase trust levels in a number of different ways, all of which increase customer satisfaction levels, boost sales and encourage repeat purchases from your online store.
Videos in Ecommerce

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