According to our own data measures, on a group of more than 25 partners, across various product categories, the “add to cart” rate is in average 49% higher for online shoppers who watched a product video on the product page during the Black Friday Week.

Videos of products have numerous virtues, but the most important one is its informative purpose. A customer well informed is a person more inclined to purchase. Videos are the best tool to project the customer into a situation of use.

Surprisingly, videos also became the favored media to receive technical information about a product. Our habits of Binge Watching short videos and slideshows on social networks (Facebook, Twitter…) definitely impacted on our expectation of comfort of use and content everywhere on the internet. As soon as we have our smartphone or tablets in hands, we expect to see a video. Needless to say that the tube/shopping session or couch/shopping session do not escape this pattern: we want to see the video of the product we are about to purchase.

The positive impacts of videos in SEO are almost put as a secondary benefit for your web-shop. However inserting metadata on your product page to make the video content visible for search engine is also one of the specificities of a good e-commerce video solution, and high-value content will help you increase your search rank… Integrating a YouTube or Vimeo Iframe through your CMS is not enough.

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