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You can hire the best web designer available. You can consult e-commerce specialists with years of experience. But still, all of this won’t guarantee that actual users will like your e-commerce store. The comments of your colleagues, family and friends will surely be helpful but let’s face it: they will never be fully objective. That’s why the only true judges of your webshop are actual users. So we’ve put three online stores to the test with real users as the judges. Here are the results.

Online Shop Usability Test 1:


As you see, overall, this user assessed the product page usability positively. She had no problems with navigating over the site and found all the information easily. Interestingly, she was familiar with Very and immediately recognized shocking pink as the brand color. The only thing she was skeptical about were the slides. Though it didn’t happen this time, the user pointed out that slides are often problematic: they often load slowly or worse, they don’t load at all.

Strong Points:
+ straightforward menu
+ easy to maneuver
+ detailed product descriptions
+ customers’ reviews
+ clearly stated delivery information
+ social media buttons
+ eye-catching web design
Weak Points:
– slides








Product Page Usability Test Part 2:


Another positive assessment of the product page usability. This user spent the longest time out of all of the testers on the product page. She was really impressed with vibrant images, good quality product video and detailed description. Though initially not interested in the product, she admitted that the video made her “interested in buying it”. Also marketing experts agree that video is key to the positive online shopping experience.

Strong Points:
+ vibrant images of the product
+ good quality product video
+ detailed product description
+ well organized categories and tabs
+ easy to navigate
+ brand / price / color filter
+ no scrolling
+ stock availability information
+ transparent layout
+ phone number on the top banner

Weak points:
– layout a bit too simplistic









Ecommerce Usability Test 3:


This user is more critical about the product page usability of the tested shop. He appreciates the specific product details but complains about too much scrolling, small font and uninteresting layout. What is even more discouraging for him is the non-secure payment. And though in the end the user learns how to use the site and appreciates some aspects of it, he admits he doesn’t fully trust the shop.

Strong Points:
+ specific product description
+ stock availability information
+ creating account using Facebook
Weak points:
– too much scrolling
– boring images
– small font
– background too bright
– confusing tabs
– unimpressive About Us page
– non-secure https
– blurry payment details
– unimpressive layout
– no option to change currency









Short Guide to Product Page Usability

Facing the negative results of users’ tests surely won’t be pleasant. However, this is also a great opportunity to improve. The results of the above tests show, from the perspective of consumers, the most important factors influencing product page usability. If you want consumers to be satisfied, you have to:

Having done all of that you can be sure that your shop’s usability will be assessed positively.

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Image Sources: Usability Testing in Progress from Aaron Fulkerson

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