5 Ways Ecommerce Shops can improve Customer Retention

As we all know, customer shopping habits have changed dramatically in the past twenty years. Gone are the days when you would simply see something you like in a shop and then purchase it; there are now so many more stages in the customer decision making process that can be influenced positively or negatively. Technology […]

3 Ecommerce Shops using Video to create a Unique User Experience

As you know, at DemoUp we love video. From the reasons why video drives conversion rates to how to create the perfect product video, we could really talk about it all day. In today’s post we’re discussing 3 Ecommerce shops that use video to create a Unique User Experience. What’s a “Unique User Experience” you […]

Why you Need to Start a Blog for your Ecommerce Shop

Blog button

Every industry has a blogging community. Whether it’s the fashion industry, music industry or the tools industry, there are always groups of people creating content for advice and entertainment purposes. Starting a business blog for your Ecommerce shop isn’t an easy task but the return on investment can be very impressive. We wrote briefly about […]

Why Instagram is Essential for Ecommerce Shops and How to Maximise its Potential

Instagram app

With 300 million monthly users, social media photo-sharing app Instagram is the place to be right now.2 Whether the algorithm change affects engagement or not, you still need to invest time into building a photo portfolio and a loyal following. There are a multitude of reasons why you should start an Instagram account for your […]

5 Ways to use Content Marketing to Drive Traffic to your Ecommerce Shop

As found at Captora, 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that create custom content.1 We’ve all heard the mantra: Content is King. But what do we mean by content marketing? Content is any media you produce for your ecommerce shop in order to interest and engage an audience. From product descriptions […]