DemoUp au Salon ParisRetailWeek

DemoUp vous donne rendez-vous au salon #ParisRetailWeek en Septembre sera au Salon Paris Retail Week du 19 au 21 Septembre ! Étant présent depuis peu sur le marché français il est primordiale pour nous de nous rendre à la plus grande manifestation du e-commerce français. Nous sommes impatients de participer à ce salon. DemoUp […]

The Definitive Guide: Ecommerce Video Use in Online Shops

Definitive guide ecommerce videos

Why your Online Shop needs Ecommerce Video   Leading ecommerce merchants, such as Amazon, Zappos and Asos, have already heavily integrated ecommerce videos into their product pages. Customers love ecommerce videos and retailers are seeing great results from video integration, so now an increasing number of merchants want to introduce ecommerce videos into their marketing […]

Measuring the Effectiveness of your Ecommerce Video

Demoup view rate statistics analytics

It’s not enough to just add a video to your product page and then completely forget about it. If you’re serious about maximising your ROI, it’s really important to test your video’s success. Simple analytics can give you great insights into how effective your ecommerce video is at engaging customers and more importantly, at driving […]

4 Ways Mobile is Revolutionizing Video E-Commerce

Mobile Video Traffic

Everything is going mobile these days. From brand apps to banks, every company wants a slice of the mobile market and you should too. According to Animoto, 55% of consumers watch at least one video on mobile per week and that’s not surprising due to the proliferation of smartphone use, the increasing accessibility of WiFi […]

Extraordinary Product Videos that Doubled Conversion Rates (Data Proof Inside)

chart showing increase in conversion rate caused by product videos

Increasing conversion rate is an ongoing challenge for every online retailer. Product videos in general are one of the most effective tools to reach that goal. However, this post is not about ordinary product videos, but the very best ones. We’ve filtered through thousands of product demos from DemoUp’s own unique dataset of more than […]