5 Ways to use Content Marketing to Drive Traffic to your Ecommerce Shop

As found at Captora, 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that create custom content.1 We’ve all heard the mantra: Content is King. But what do we mean by content marketing? Content is any media you produce for your ecommerce shop in order to interest and engage an audience. From product descriptions […]

E-commerce Reviews: Why You Should Have Them in Your Online Shop

e-commerce reviews are trusted by 70% of consumers

70% of consumers consult e-commerce reviews or ratings before buying online.1 What’s more, according to research conducted by Nielsen the same percentage of consumers trust online opinions. Despite this fact, many e-commerce retailers are hesitating to introduce reviews to their shops. This fear is partially understandable – nobody wants to read negative comments about their […]

13 Online Shop Features Consumers Expect You to Have

most important features consumers expect in online shops

Roughly 27 % of the world’s consumers shop via the internet.2 It means that almost 2 billion people in the world regularly visit one of 24 million online stores.3 Obviously in these circumstances, the competition is immense. That’s why being aware of consumers’ expectations is so crucial. Knowing which online shop features are an absolute […]

6 Types of Product Videos: Where do they work best?

the end phase of consumer video journey is watching product demos

As you’ve probably already noticed, product videos differ considerably from one another. There are, however, six common types that can easily be distinguished. Each of them is useful to the customer at different stages of the buying process. Most importantly, each of them is useful for you, too. See examples of different types of product […]

Marketing Experts on How Videos Are Changing the Online Shopping Experience

loads of shopping bags show how fruitful can shopping experience be

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to figure out that product videos completly changed the online shopping experience. But since we’ve already gathered the data from industry surveys and marketing experts, it would be a pity not to read them.   Marketing Experts on the Video Shopping Experience   Matthew Lawson, Previous Head […]

8 Reasons Product Videos are a Must-have for Every Online Shop

what integrated product videos look like on a product page

Videos entertain. That’s why we watch funny cats and stand-up comedies. Videos teach. That’s why we turn to tutorials and TED. But most importantly: videos inform. And that’s why we watch product videos before buying online. Check out our eight most important reasons why every ecommerce store needs to use videos. 1. Shoppers are more […]

5 Ways YouTube Steals Your Customers

YouTube video ads confuse and annoy consumers

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. You may think that by taking product videos from YouTube and embedding them into your product pages you save a lot of money, but the truth is you end up paying for the free content with your customers. YouTube videos need to earn their keep somehow and […]

YouTube in Your Online Shop — Sisyphean Task

YouTube embedding is time consuming

Product video converts visitors into buyers   No matter whether your online shop is offering electronic gadgets, fishing rods or baby strollers for triplets, your aim is to turn those who are interested in your products into actual customers. To do this you not only need to provide great products, but keep your potential customers […]