Is Webrooming bigger than Showrooming? An Ecommerce Guide

shopping cart

Consumer shopping habits are constantly changing. With the introduction of new sales channels and the internet being more accessible than ever, consumers are overloaded with choices of how to part with their money. Higher demands, higher expectations and tougher competition mean that it’s extremely important to identify and streamline the right sales channels for your […]

Product Videos Increase Trust in your Online Store

Customers Believe Companies Create Video More Trustworthy

The conversion rate for customers who watch product videos is 95% higher than that of customers who don’t. Why? Because customers trust online stores who allow them to make an informed purchase decision by presenting a comprehensive overview of their products. Product Videos Show Honesty 57% of customers believe that product videos reduce ambiguity. That’s […]

Check How Many Brand Videos We Have for Your Online Shop for Free!

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There are thousands of product videos that have been created by brands and are waiting to be used by online merchants. The problem is that it’s often really difficult to have a good overview of the number of brand videos that are out there and available to be integrated into online shops.   That’s why […]

How to Maximise your SEO with Ecommerce Videos

Google Search Engine Optimisation

You could have the greatest online store in the world, but what good is it if nobody even knows that it’s out there? SEO reduces this problem by increasing your online visibility and helping customers to find you more easily. The big problem with SEO is that online merchants often just don’t know where to […]

Users Share Product Videos: Why You Should Take Note

Add Product Video, Captivate Audience, Increase Customer Trust

The face of online marketing is changing. Traditional marketing is out as customers have adopted a ‘sharing is caring’ attitude, making content generated and shared by users the new king. Thousands are sharing their best and worst ecommerce experiences with fellow customers through reviews, recommendations and social media. So what can you do to encourage […]

3 Product Video Integration Mistakes that Do More Harm Than Good

Good Product Video Integration

Have you ever visited a product page, only to leave straight away because its usability is so bad? I’m going to guess that you probably have. Take a minute to think about your own product page. Does it entice your visitors to buy? Are the features you added to your page working as well as […]

Ecommerce Product Videos: The Statistics You Can’t Ignore

Ecommerce Product Video Statistics Infographic

Video content is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools in the ecommerce industry. With video, you can can stand out from the crowd by engaging customers, boosting SEO and enhancing your marketing strategy – which ultimately leads to more sales.   So if you’re still on the fence about whether or not to […]

E-Commerce Videos: Producing Your Own vs. Uploading Brand Videos

Produce or Upload Demo Videos for my E-Commerce Site

It’s time for you to join the e-commerce revolution. Product videos have taken the market by storm, letting customers window shop in a whole new way, whenever and wherever they want. In such a fast paced industry you can’t afford to be left behind, but with so many demo videos on offer, it’s difficult to […]

5 Types of Products that Suffer from Lack of E-commerce Videos

man watching static screen wirh no e-commerce videos

It’s not a problem to find a product video of a smartphone, stroller or some kitchen equipment. However, there are some groups of products that, despite their potential, are neglected in terms of e-commerce videos. Though they are sold online, no or very few professional demos for them exist. As a result, consumers are forced […]

5 Most Hilarious E-commerce Videos in History

Picture from one of the best e-commerce videos: Volvo Trucks with Van Damme

Uploading and integrating e-commerce videos on a daily basis, we encounter really crazy things sometimes. What you can see below are a bunch of absolutely hilarious e-commerce videos we’ve stumbled upon in the last few months. Maybe they’re not the best product demos in terms of the product display and showcasing its features, but if […]