Extraordinary Product Videos that Doubled Conversion Rates (Data Proof Inside)

chart showing increase in conversion rate caused by product videos

Increasing conversion rate is an ongoing challenge for every online retailer. Product videos in general are one of the most effective tools to reach that goal. However, this post is not about ordinary product videos, but the very best ones. We’ve filtered through thousands of product demos from DemoUp’s own unique dataset of more than […]

12 Inspiring Demo Videos for Your Christmas Shopping

christmas presents

Have you already heard “Last Christmas” and seen the Coca Cola advert with Santa this year? Yeah… Christmas is coming again! And this means buying presents. If you don’t feel like visiting crowded shopping centers and you’re looking for inspiration, this is an article for you. Sit back, relax and check out our demo videos […]

6 Types of Product Videos: Where do they work best?

the end phase of consumer video journey is watching product demos

As you’ve probably already noticed, product videos differ considerably from one another. There are, however, six common types that can easily be distinguished. Each of them is useful to the customer at different stages of the buying process. Most importantly, each of them is useful for you, too. See examples of different types of product […]

8 Reasons Product Videos are a Must-have for Every Online Shop

what integrated product videos look like on a product page

Videos entertain. That’s why we watch funny cats and stand-up comedies. Videos teach. That’s why we turn to tutorials and TED. But most importantly: videos inform. And that’s why we watch product videos before buying online. Check out our eight most important reasons why every ecommerce store needs to use videos. 1. Shoppers are more […]

How to Get Brand Videos Integrated in Online Shops

getting brand videos is complicated like getting out of a labirynth

Getting videos from brands to boost your online shop’s performance is a great idea. What’s the advantage? They are usually really good, sometimes even outstanding (just think of Apple’s product videos). No wonder, only brands and manufacturers have the resources to shoot videos that are crafted to perfection. It would be a pity not to […]