E-commerce History: How Product Visualization Changed Over Time

product visualization change: apple product page in 2001 and 2015

36 years have already passed by since Michael Aldrich invented online shopping in 1979. A lot has changed since that time. Aldrich’s transaction processing computer was replaced by the internet, delivery time shrunk from weeks to hours and the online payment practically ousted cash on delivery. The way products are presented online has undergone an […]

10 Worst Product Visualizations in E-Commerce History

product visualizations failures: pacpack that is different from the one ordered

I guess it must have happened at least once: a customer was completely disappointed with your product. It doesn’t have to mean that the product was crud or the customer a nit-picking jerk. It may have simply been caused by the lack of detailed product visualizations of the items sold. Well, I’m not sure this […]