5 Ways to use Content Marketing to Drive Traffic to your Ecommerce Shop

As found at Captora, 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that create custom content.1 We’ve all heard the mantra: Content is King. But what do we mean by content marketing? Content is any media you produce for your ecommerce shop in order to interest and engage an audience. From product descriptions […]

E-Commerce Experience from Hell: 8 Things that Drive Shoppers Crazy

flames of hell's e-commerce experience:

If some of your customers don’t complete their purchase or they never return to your online store after completing a transaction, they can’t have been completely satisfied with their e-commerce experience. Maybe you’re asking yourself why? Well, if you find anything that applies to your online shop on the list below, you have your answer. […]

Online Shopping Experience: Cheat Sheet for Your E-commerce Store

From the moment of reaching your homepage to the final purchase, the consumer has to make a few big steps. If you don’t want them to turn around, you have to be sure to give them the best possible shopping experience at each phase of that journey. Let’s follow your consumer’s steps from the main […]