YouTube E-Commerce Channel – Do It the Right Way

Youtube e-commerce channel animation with online shop shown on youtube

The ultimate goal for every online shop is to attain and maintain a high sales volume. If you’re focused on achieving that, you’ve clearly spent some quality time planning your marketing strategy. Thus the thought of having your own YouTube e-commerce channel must have crossed your mind. Find out now if it makes sense to […]

5 Ways YouTube Steals Your Customers

YouTube video ads confuse and annoy consumers

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. You may think that by taking product videos from YouTube and embedding them into your product pages you save a lot of money, but the truth is you end up paying for the free content with your customers. YouTube videos need to earn their keep somehow and […]

YouTube in Your Online Shop — Sisyphean Task

YouTube embedding is time consuming

Product video converts visitors into buyers   No matter whether your online shop is offering electronic gadgets, fishing rods or baby strollers for triplets, your aim is to turn those who are interested in your products into actual customers. To do this you not only need to provide great products, but keep your potential customers […]