If you put “e-commerce video production” into google, you get 77,400,000 results. It’s no wonder that 40% of online retailers are planning to introduce product videos to their shops.1 If you are one of them, the thought of producing your own demo videos has probably crossed your mind. We’ve already written about professional e-commerce video production costs, concluding that they’re quite high. However, you can easily find numerous free e-commerce video production tools on the internet. We’ve tested three of them in their free mode, to see how useful they really are for a person with no experience in video production.

E-commerce Video Production with PowToon

PowToon advertises itself as the perfect tool for all kind of videos and presentations. It features ready to use templates and themes, which enable you to create animations quickly and easily. You can also add your own pictures and videos to your project and customize them according to your needs. Having well prepared tutorials and the option to switch to simple mode really enables you to create a decent animation in a short time. The problem is that it’s still a cartoon style animation, not a video. The movie mode doesn’t support clips. They work only in the slideshow mode where you need to click on slide in order to play the video. The effect is a slideshow with an embedded video…
e-commerce video production with Powtoon screenshot
e-commerce video production with Powtoon doesnt support embedded videos



PowToon is a really useful tool to create slideshows and short animation, but it’s definitely not a good tool for e-commerce video production.

E-commerce Video Production with Wevideo

The second e-commerce video production tool we’ve tested promises to create outstanding videos for business, education and personal purposes. Unfortunately, the business option is not free even for trial, so we’ve tested the personal instead. Wevideo is not as intuitional as PowToon but with a tutorial it’s quite easy to get the hang of it. Too bad that it provides less possibilities than its competitor. Wevideo is a rather basic tool which enables you to trim videos and add a voiceover and picture effects. It would probably be possible to create a product video with it, however the result would be far from professional.

e-commerce video production with Wevideo screenshot


Wevideo in its free version is a perfect tool for creating basic videos you can share with family and friends but doesn’t seem to be decent for e-commerce video production.

E-commerce Video Production with Animoto

If Wevideo was basic than there’s no better word than primitive to describe the unpaid version of the last e-commerce video production tool we’ve tested. Animoto is really easy to use but only because there’s not much you can do there. It’s not even possible to add a caption to the clip part, so basically all you can do is a slideshow in which one of the slides is an automatically played video. However, as a positive point, we can count the fact that you can customize colors in some templates and add your company’s logo to the beginning and end of the presentation.

e-commerce video production with animoto screenshot


For a simple business presentation, Animoto would probably work quite well but I wouldn’t recommend it for e-commerce video production.
Thus, though all tools we’ve tested are definitely useful for some purposes, e-commerce video production is not one of them. The use of those tools in their free mode by an inexperienced person would not only be quite time consuming, but more importantly, it wouldn’t result in a decent product video. Fortunately, it’s easy to embed existing brand videos into your product page with the help of a professional video e-commerce solution.

Videos in Ecommerce

1.Multichannel Merchant, 2013.

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