Ecommerce events are a brilliant way to help grow and establish your business. They offer endless opportunities and benefits; possibilities of networking with members of multinational corporations, securing customers from all over the world….. the list goes on. However, there are a lot of events out there for you to attend, some of them very expensive. Here at DemoUp we have been to our fair share of Ecommerce events, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites so far, for the ones that we have been to we’ve given it a star rating out of 5.

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ShopTalk USA:


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ShopTalk is an event that started in 2015, founded and led by Anil D. Aggarwal, who is the Founder, Chairman and CEO. Anil is also the Founder and Chairman of Money20/20. It takes place in Las Vegas, and last year it hosted over 2,200+ Companies, 7,500+ Attendees, over 550 CEOS and more than 330 Speakers. Shop talk describes itself as ‘The new blockbuster retail and Ecommerce event’ that ‘covers the rapid evolution of how consumers discover, shop and buy—from new technologies and business models to changes in consumer preferences and expectations‘.

The event stretches out over 4 days, always from a Sunday to a Wednesday, it starts early in the morning and finishes late evening. During the day there are several different ‘Tracks’ to attend, all having different themes, ranging from Pitch Contests and Global Perspectives to Culture and Leadership. Between all this there are opportunities to visit the exhibition halls, and have ‘Tech Tours’. The days are packed with fantastic networking and learning opportunities. In 2017 attendees received talks from Ecommerce leaders such as Alibaba, and interviews with giants such as Sephora, eBay, Google and Amazon.

ShopTalk received over 25 percent of sign up’s from C-level executives and another 30 percent from EVPs, SVPs and VPs– before the event even happened. As well as this ShopTalk has now launched it’s European event, which will take place from the 9th-11th of October 2017 in Copenhagen.

The ShopTalk event is purely Trade only, and prices can start from $1,850.

Our Rating: ★★★★★

eTail USA:


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Launched by Worldwide Business Research LLC, the organizers of eTail, in 1999, eTail has been dedicated to supporting the growth of the retail industry ever since. Describing how they started off as 100 people in a room discussing where the sector is headed, eTail has now lead to ‘2000 senior-level eCommerce executives being inspired whilst learning and developing their company as well as their careers‘. At eTail they promise that ‘whether it’s an interactive roundtable discussion, case study presentation, panel, or one-on-one Q&A’s, you’ll have the chance to get the solutions you are looking for’. At eTail you’ll usually find around 800 retailers, 2000 attendees and 400 different retail companies.

The eTail conference stretches out over four days, this year from Monday 14th until Thursday 17th of August in Boston, the Agenda is similar to that of ShopTalk, with different Tracks keeping attendees busy with topics such as Content, Customer Engagement & Personalization, Testing & User Experience Optimization and Social, Mobile & The Future Of Retail, as well as talks from higher up’s from Under Armour and Footlocker. Invite only events are also a part of the day, with meetings for C-Levels and Private Workshops.

eTail is now also hosting it’s conferences in Europe, Asia, the Nordic countries and Canada.

eTail’s event is Trade only and tickets sell from $1,999.

Our Rating: ★★★



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The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) offers to provide you ‘with a conference full of industry experts and unrivaled agenda content, an exhibit hall filled with the latest and greatest solution providers, and a community made for networking with thousands of like-minded industry peers‘. The IRCE conference usually plays out over 4 days, and offers a variety of learning and networking opportunities, this year it promised over 200 expert speakers. Over the four days the conference offers talks on themes such as ‘Optimizing the Selection Process’, ‘Search Marketing for B2B Sellers: Finding New Customers’ and ‘Connecting to the Digitally Native Shopper’. Along with this comes talks from top businesses such as Google and Amazon.

With an average attendance of 10,000 and growing, this conference and trade show is targeted for business owners of all size. What is unique about the IRCE is that it is the only conference to offer 600 exhibiting companies in their tradeshow hall, which is their center of technology trends. The IRCE will run from the 5th-8th of June 2018, taking place in McCormick Place West, Chicago, USA.

IRCE is Trade only and the ticket price details will be released in the Fall on their website.




K5 Berlin:


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K5 is an Ecommerce conference held over two days in Berlin, Germany. Since the first event in 2011, K5 has been widely successful, and advertises itself as an event where online retailers from various sectors gather; giving them the opportunity to to exchange views, opportunities and growth strategies in the online trade. One of the main features of the K5 conference is networking, insights and assessments first-hand in the current e-commerce scene and exchange of experience. If your goal is to build relationships, and network with businesses from Germany and beyond, this is an ideal event for you.

If you are going to attend the next K5 Conference days, you can expect to mingle with over 500 of the strongest retailers, as well as up to 5000 attendees. This year, retailers such as Facebook, PayPal, Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz attended, and guests were able to browse events taking place in the ‘Future Tech’ and ‘Future Retail’ stages.

K5 is Trade only, and base prices start from €600.

Our Rating: ★★★★

Internet Retailing Expo:


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The Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) is run by the company Internet Retailing Events, which was born 10 years ago and has a large portfolio of leading events which include the eDelivery Expo and Internet Retailing Awards. The IRX event lasts two days, and will be running in 2018 from 21st-22nd March at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. Over the course of the two days there are many different conferences to keep the attendees busy, ranging from ‘Going Global‘ and ‘Marketplace Revolutions‘ to ‘Operational Excellence‘. As well as this, this year there were speakers from Sainburys, Accessorize and Glossybox.

IRX boasts over 5000+ European retailers and over 300 exhibitors each year, and along with this there is the bustling show floor of the IRX, which offers ‘a rich and relevant program with the complete range of products and services essential to drive multi-channel retail performance‘. IRX promises ‘over 100 hours of structured content spread across two days‘. It is the UK biggest dedicated multi-channel event.

IRX is for CEO’s, Directors, Senior Managers and Executives who are responsible for delivering multi-channel strategies, and it is a brilliant opportunity for businesses on a budget as this event is FREE.

Our Rating: ★★★


Ecommerce Connect Paris:


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Ecommerce Connect Paris offers ‘entrepreneurs and decision-makers in ecommerce, emarketing and customer relations, visionaries or conservators, the opportunity to gather in Paris for a day to share their best-kept secrets and their best practices’. The event offers it’s attendees to meet the key players for their success, as well as the opportunity to network with web makers, E-Merchants, Retailers etc, and attend numerous conferences animated by major brands, while enjoying a pleasant, accessible, professional and intimate setting. By attending this event Ecommerce Connect offers the opportunity to discover how to better design, sell and monetize your sites. Taking place in the Les Salons Hoche in Paris, it’s safe to say that the venue is one to try not and get distracted by.

The Event takes place twice a year for one day, and features a multitude of activities. These include opportunities to take business classes, which take form in 6 Business Ecommerce Expert Forums on the topics of SEO, Adwords, Security, Agility Project Management and Mobile. As well as this there are conferences and workshops, networking opportunities, and projects with case studies in Keynotes. Ecommerce Connect Paris has around 250 participants, 35 sponsors, 12 keynote E Merchants and 40 conferences and workshops.

The show is Trade Only, and tickets for speakers sell for around €1000.

Our Rating: ★★★


eShow Madrid:


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eShow is ‘the largest fair of eCommerce and Digital Marketing in Spain’, and this year was held in Feria de Madrid. eShow Madrid is packed with brilliant networking opportunities, in 2016 they offered The Main Theater, which is a new space located in the center of the fair which will be the host of ‘The Internet Leaders by Contversion’, which is the VIP program of the fair. ‘The Internet Leaders‘ is a combination of masterclasses and discussion forums that will be attended by national and international business – as well as talks from highers at LinkdIn, Google and Facebook.

In 2016 there were more than 250 speakers, about 110 stands, a variety of parallel activities and up to 8000 visitors that helped to make eShow Madrid a success. eShow is held not only in Madrid, but also in Barcelona and states that it is the ‘best showcase to watch live and view latest technology solutions and strategies‘ in the form of ‘national and international speakers, discussion forums, exhibitors and a number of activities‘. The next eShow will take place in Madrid on the 4th and 5th of October 2017 at the IFEMA.

The fair is Trade only, and general admission tickets are priced at €25.




VTEX Day Brazil:


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VTEX Day introduces itself as the ‘largest multi-channel retail event in Latin America‘. The event is organised by the company VTEX, who is a global provider of cloud commerce platforms for enterprise companies, and consists of two days of talks from some of the top professions, which include Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, and Zia Daniell Wigder, Chief global Content Officer for ShopTalk.

The day itself consists of a variety of events, which can be chosen to attend. Within the event, attendees are presented with a large area for stands, along with a stage for keynotes and more than 10 rooms for presentations. In 2016 the VTEX event drew a crowd of more than 10,000 people, with 100 sponsors, and more than 100 speakers presented.  And this year saw even better results, with over 10,300 attendees, more than 150 speakers, over 130 sponsors and 12 rooms of simultaneous activities. The next event for VTEX will be the 14th and 15th of May 2018 in São Paulo, Brazil.

VTEX Day is Trade only and guest tickets start at €200.

Our Rating: ★★★★★

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We hope you found the blog post useful. Let us know what your favorite event is, or which one you would like the attend!
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