The demand for online video in general and e-commerce video in particular is growing and we at DemoUp receive many questions regarding video production cost. The video production rates you’ll need to pay are highly dependent on the kind of video you want to get.

Many video production companies stay away from giving clear price quotas. One reason for that is that the price transparency will make them comparable and drive down their margins. What’s more, the requests they are receiving are often very vague and it isn’t unusual that during the video production process a whole bunch of new requirements and ideas will break an initial agreed budget.

First take a look at the process of video production.

Video Production Process

what video production process looks like on a graph

Yes, video production is a complicated process. Professional production companies usually plan 4-6 weeks for video production. Even if you decide to make your videos rather simple, your lack of experience may turn out to be problematic.

Ok, let’s put some price tags on the different tasks of the video production process. These will give you a good baseline for your cost planning. Here are the average prices in Berlin, Germany as of 2015. We estimated them by talking to 5 different video production companies as well as adding our own experience.

Average Video Production Cost

average video production cost with real prices for different production tasks
Assuming you already have a clear picture of what your video production process will look like, you can make a good estimate based on the above numbers. In most cases this is not clear though. Especially when your decision about what kind of video should be produced is highly dependent on the costs of the video. In these cases it is really helpful to have a look at other videos and their budgets.

We’ve taken the time and researched the most detailed list of video budgets on the internet. Take a look at some examples of videos and their cost.

Video Production Cost (Real Price Data)

Video Example

Video Type

Production Cost

Amateur Video
Explainer Videos (Cartoon Style)
One-minute animated video without characters 2,000$
One-minute animated video with characters 3,000$
Two-minute best quality (Epipheo) 15,000$
Product Video (3D Animation)
Low quality 3,500$
Best quality 11,000$
Product Video (Actors and use cases)
Low quality 2,500$
Best quality 20,000$
Kickstarter video
Whiteboard Animation Video

TV commercial

Your videos may turn out cheaper (yahoo!) or more expensive (buuu). The truth is, you’ll never know beforehand. Even the video producer won’t know until it’s really finished.

All of the above price samples give you some good ballpark figures to play around with. If you haven’t been in video production before, here are some tips that will ensure you’ll get what you pay for.

Video Production Cost Tip 1: Use an Example Video to Get a Price Quote

A good trick to get a price quote from a video agency is to show them a reference video and asking “How much would something like that cost?”

Video production Cost Tip 2: Compare Options

Get at least three different price quotas. That will ensure you’re not getting ripped off because some video producer has smelled your inexperience.

Video Production Cost Tip 3: Time is Money

Sometimes producing a video completely on your own seems to be the cheapest option. However, don’t make the mistake of not pricing your own time. Video production inexperience will cost you lot of time and worries.

Video Quality Tip: Look at Past Projects

There was a lot of talking about pricing, but don’t forget about the quality. The best way to make sure your video producer is qualified is to look at his past projects. Are they similar to what you’re looking for? Don’t go with someone inexperienced just because they give you a lower price. A bad video is worse than no video at all.

Video production is not an easy task. Remember if you’re running an e-commerce shop you don’t have to produce product videos yourself. Instead leverage product videos from brands and manufacturers that can be embedded automatically into your product pages.

Videos in Ecommerce

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  1. In the first paragraph, you mentioned that the price to pay for an e-commerce video depends upon the kind of video you want. What does that mean, is it the length of the video? I don’t see how the type of video could make a difference in the price. It would be great to find this out because I’d like to get a video done for my company.

    1. Hello James,
      as you can see in the shown graphic, there is a wide range for the average of video production costs in Berlin. The price depends for example on the music you have chosen, on equipment and on the actors or models you need. Also costs for the location and the product fee effects the total price for your video production. I hope this helps you. Good luck for your video production!

  2. Numerous video generation organizations avoid giving clear value portions. One explanation behind that will be that the value straightforwardness will make them practically identical and drive down their edges.

  3. It’s amazing how much the cost of a production can vary as there are so many variables. Handy charts and even video quality examples makes for a useful article!

  4. Hi,
    We did an institutional video for a client which was supposed to be for web but they were so excited about it they now want to screen it at the cinemas. I would like your advise as to how much the extra fee should be for this situation.
    Thank you

  5. Thanks for the price quotes. Really helpful to get some ballpark figures. I seems quite expensive but I guess you really get what you pay for.

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