YouTube embedding is time consuming

Product video converts visitors into buyers

No matter whether your online shop is offering electronic gadgets, fishing rods or baby strollers for triplets, your aim is to turn those who are interested in your products into actual customers. To do this you not only need to provide great products, but keep your potential customers well informed about the items they’re considering buying. A pig in a poke is only a good deal for farmers. But let’s be honest: nobody really feels like reading long descriptions or detailed instructions in today’s non-stop content world. According to the latest study by Microsoft, our attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish.

What’s the solution then? The answer is simple:
Product Video

It condenses information into an easily digestible, entertaining form. It’s no wonder that product video is taking content marketing by storm – 90% of consumers watch online videos and more importantly, they are nearly twice as likely to purchase in comparison to those who don’t.

Video informs and entertains people and, good or bad, today most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page of text.
Lisa Lubin


Advantages of using YouTube as a product video source

So you already know that today’s consumers demand video to learn about products before they buy. But how can you get good videos for all of the products you’re selling? There are a few options and today we’re going to focus on the first of them: matching your product pages with YouTube’s videos.

This solution has two main advantages:
1. YouTube database is huge
2. You can use it for free


Why YouTube will do more harm than good

So if you’ve already decided that YouTube is a solution for you, let’s get to work! The first of your tasks is finding videos. They must be adequate so be prepared to answer questions like “Are Toshiba C50-CBT2N11 and Toshiba C70D-CBT2N11 the same products but with different parameters?” or “Does this cross-trainer belong to a HY7 series which I just found a video of?”. You should also bear in mind the quality of your videos, 360p or lower may discourage rather than encourage potential customers from buying your products.

Let’s assumethe process of embedding videos from YouTube on graph you got lucky and found what you were looking for, without spending hours searching for it. What you need to do now is to embed the videos into your corresponding pages. If you’re an IT geek, you can do it yourself: you need to know how to access the code of your site and than add the embed link to it. If you saved some time before, you may need it now because there is no automatic method for embedding videos yet.

So if you need to sleep, eat and rest from time to time, you’ll need at least a small team to search for and embed the videos. To put it simply: you’re ultimately paying for the free videos with manpower. And if you think you can do it once and for all, I’m sorry to disappoint you.


Broken YouTube embeddings demand constant updates

Not only do you need to constantly add new videos of the products that have just appeared in your shop, but also check if the old ones are still working. Unless you want to take the risk that you’re customers will encounter this on your product page:

YouTube videos doesn't always work

If you’re still not discouraged, there’s one more thing you need to be aware of: YouTube is actually a big advertising channel that wants to get as many viewers as possible. So bear in mind that it will try to divert your customers’ attention from your products to the YouTube site (check how).


Other options to get product videos

Well, all in all, it turns out that YouTube is not as amazing a video source as it appears to be. I wouldn’t be very surprised if you felt like checking other options now.
Are they better? See for yourself:

Videos in Ecommerce

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