How to get Product Videos

Three Ways to Get Product Videos for your Online Shop

It is difficult to concentrate in today’s non-stop content world. According to the newest study by Microsoft, our attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish.

Video is the perfect medium to address this issues since it condenses information into an easy digestible and entertaining form. That is why it is taking content marketing by storm – 90% of consumers watch online videos – undoubtedly contributing to immediate results: online shoppers who view videos are nearly twice as likely to buy as those who do not watch videos.

You are already halfway there if you are aware that today’s consumers demand video to inform themselves about products before they buy. But how can you get good videos for all the products you’re selling? Especially since many online shops offer thousands of products, this becomes an overburdening task to accomplish.

There are Three Main Options:

  1. Embed YouTube videos
  2. Produce your own videos
  3. Use brand and manufacturer videos

Video informs and entertains people and, good or bad, today most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page of text.

Lisa Lubin

1. Embed YouTube videos

YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month. One hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second. So you’re looking at a huge video database ready to use free of charge. Matching your product pages with YouTube’s videos seems to be a decent solution. But is it really that simple?

1. Search 2. Match to product page 3. Embed video 4. Repeat for every video

The first task would be to find adequate videos among the large number of YouTube videos then check them for quality and have a developer embed that video in your corresponding product page. The problem is that you have to repeat this process for every video since there is no method for automatically searching for videos and embedding them in your product pages. You’ll need at least a small team to search and embed these videos if you want to get a substantial number of videos on your web shop. You’ll ultimately pay for the free videos with manpower.

Assuming that you are ready to do it, you need to recognize the fact that YouTube is essentially a big advertising channel that is interested in getting as many viewers on its portal as possible. As a rule of thumb, YouTube will divert your customers’ attention from your products and website and try to get them to the YouTube site. You should keep in mind that your goal is to establish and maintain business relationships and conversations through your own website. In other words, if you embed YouTube videos on your product pages, customers will be actively pushed to leave your website for YouTube. Ultimately, YouTube can only be free because you end up paying for it with your customers.

If the most important place for you to establish and maintain business relationships and conversations is your own website, why the fuck would you EVER want people to go anywhere BUT to your website? I have to laugh every time I see the little button that says "watch us on YouTube". It is a goddamn hole in your conversion funnels you ignoramuses!

Adam Zais

Five Ways the YouTube Player Steals Your Customers

Display Ads Youtube shows banner ads in your videos
Text Ads Youtube displays text ads in your videos
Video Ads Youtube shows video ads
Suggested videos Youtube suggests foreign videos
Watch on YouTube call to action Youtube directs people away from your page

2. Produce your Own Videos

So let’s have a closer look at producing videos yourself to see if it’s a more feasible way to obtain a good volume of quality product video content. It’s obviously a more complicated process but rewards like unique content might outweigh the cost.

Let’s start by looking at the video production process.

Process of producing product videos

You also need to account for the time you will spend creating every single video. Professional agencies usually plan a minimum six weeks per production. It is blatantly obvious that producing videos yourself would require an even greater amount of time. Making a video is not just something that happens.

So what would this all end up costing? We spoke to video production professionals to find out what standard rates look like and added our own experience producing video content. Below are our estimates of price ranges in Berlin, Germany. Of course your local salaries could be quite different.

Cost of Video Production Tasks per Day

Lower and upper bounds for video production costs

We still don’t know what the end product would cost; but that’s a task on its own. If you want to drive a video producer crazy, ask how much it would cost to produce a video. What you’ll hear is, “It depends.” That’s why we really researched this in depth and spoke to many video production agencies: to give you an overview of video production costs.

Cost of Videos (Outsourced to Agencies)

Video Type
Amateur Video
€ 150
Explainer Video (Cartoon Style)
One-minute animated video without characters
€ 2,000
One-minute animated video with characters
€ 3,000
Two-minute best quality (Epipheo)
€ 15,000
Product Video (3D Animation)
Low quality
€ 2,000
Medium quality
€ 3,000
Best quality
€ 15,000
Product Video (Actors and use cases)
Low quality
€ 2,500
Medium quality
€ 9,000
Best quality
€ 20,000
Kickstarter Video
€ 6,000
Whiteboard Animation Video
€ 3,700
TV commercial
€ 500,000 - 6,000,000

3. Use Brand and Manufacturer Videos

Everybody knows Apple’s outstanding product videos, crafted to perfection. Only brands and manufacturers have the resources to shoot this kind of video and thankfully Apple is not the only one doing it. Most big brands, especially those in the consumer electronics and DYI/tools industries, are big spenders in video production.

Retail partners will usually get access to the videos on request. The downside is that each brand uses its very own video portal and it is already a hell of a task to find the responsible person at these big conglomerates to grant you access. The problem becomes overwhelming when you have to deal with different departments for different product categories and video languages. And this is for just one brand! Most online retailers have hundreds of different brands in their product range. If you’re already at the point where you think you might go crazy, remember that each brand uses its own very specific product content management system with different video formats, update procedures and ways to download videos. It’s like a Dilbert comic coming to life.

Let's Call a Brand and Get its Product Videos

Process of getting product videos from brands

Our team at DemoUp previously worked for internet retailers and faced the same problems. We think that the getting videos for your onlineshop should be a lot easier. That is why we started DemoUp. Getting videos in your webshop is now as easy as posting videos on facebook. With DemoUp the process now looks like this (yes, it is really only two steps):

Process of getting product videos from DemoUp

96% of consumers find product videos helpful and with DemoUp you can add them to your shop in minutes.

Give us a call on +44 20 38 0 83 0 69 or reach us at sales@demoup.com. We’re happy to help you