Video Statistics

Online Video Usage

64% of Germans view videos online

In August 2014, 196.5 million Americans watched videos online—62% of the total population. On average, each American views more than 19 hours of internet video every month. According to Cisco, video streams were responsible for 66% of worldwide data volume on the internet; this is expected to increase to 79% by 2018.

Comscore, 2014; Cisco, 2013

Usage of online Video in Germany

Mobile video has entered everyday life

In September 2013, 15% of all online videos were viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is nearly double the previous year’s figure of 8%. These video streams in turn accounted for 50% of total mobile data volume. Mobile users view videos in online shops 3x as frequently as desktop users.

Ooyala, 2013

Mobile traffic caused by online video 2013-2018

60% favor video over text

If a video is available, 60% of internet users opt to play the video before reading the text.

Diode Digital, 2013

A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester Research

Videos in E-Commerce

71% consider product videos the best option for explaining functions

71% of consumers consider product videos the best option for explaining product features. 65% of consumers say they can better imagine using a product if they have viewed a product video.

Multichannel Merchant, 2013

Missing visualization drives consumers towards showrooming

50% of those who showroom do so only because they are left with inadequate visual impressions of products online. According to eMarketer, 45.9% of online shoppers look at products in a shop before purchasing them online.

Comscore, 2014; eMarketer, 2012

No product video leads to showrooming

Reducing ambiguity reduces returns by 25%

57% of consumers say that product videos reduce ambiguity and as a result lower the probability of return shipment of the merchandise. Online jeweler Ice.com reports a 25% reduction in returns through videos. The Simply Group, operators of several online shops (among others, for backpacks and fashion), was able to significantly reduce their return rates to be comparable to that of local retailers through the use of videos.

MediaPost, 2013; Ice.com, 2009, Simply Group, 2014

Conversion rate increases by up to 174%

In a study on various shops, Internet Retailer found that visitors who watched product videos made a purchase up to 85% more often. According to Comscore, online shoppers who watched product videos remained an average of 2 minutes longer in an online shop and had a 64% higher likelihood of purchasing.

According to its own data, Zappos, the world’s largest online shoe shop, achieved a 6-30% higher conversion rate with product pages including video. As a result, Zappos films 2,000 product videos per week and has produced over 250,000 product videos. At any given time, roughly 40,000 product videos are live at Zappos.com

Step 2, a producer of children's toys, achieved a 174% higher conversion rate for online visitors who watched a product video, according to RetailTouchpoints.

Hardware dealer Stacks and Stack reports that visitors to a product page with video have a 144% higher likelihood of placing the displayed product in their shopping carts.

Online furniture dealer Bizchair.com analyzed the influence of video on its sales, discovering that every third purchaser had previously visited a product page with video. In this case, these particular pages accounted for only 13% of all page visits.

RetailTouchpoints, 2013; Internet Retailer, 2010; Comscore, 2010; Zappos.com, 2014; Bizchair.com 2013

Enhance your Conversion Rate

How much your conversion rates enhance using product videos depends heavily on the product category, the kind of video and the form of integration.

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Professionally produced videos are better than user content and 25% more effective than 360 degree images

Professionally produced product videos that are optimized for use in e-commerce achieve on average 30% higher conversion improvements than user-created videos (24.7% conversion uplift, compared to 18.7%).

The Simply Group averaged 25% higher conversion rates in their online shops than with 360 degree images.

According to Internet Retailer, online shoppers who have viewed videos have a larger shopping cart than those who have viewed other rich media such as flash animations of products.

Comscore, 2012; Simply Group 2014; Internet Retailer, 2009

Videos on our product pages have not only increased purchases, but have also lowered product churn and returns. Therefore, we decided to step-up our use of video even further by adding more videos.

Laurie Williams, Sr. Manager Photo & Video Zappos

Marketing Experts and Industry Surveys

51.9% of experts regard video as the content with the highest ROI

51.9% of marketing experts named video as the content with the best return on investment in a poll by eMarketer. 93% of them already utilize video.

eMarketer, 2013

74% of the top 50 online shops rely on video

74% of the top 50 US online shops utilize product videos, 40% employ category videos, and 38% have other forms of video in use.

eMarketer, 2014Spending for Online Video Advertising in Billion USD, USA only, 2011-2017

Video is the top priority for 40%

Video is the top priority for e-commerce retailers in the next 12 months. 40% of online retailers surveyed by Multichannel Merchant are planning to deploy video. Coming to the same results, the online retailing report from Shop.org designates product page improvements like video the top priority of online commerce.

Multichannel Merchant, 2013; Shop.org, 2013, ibi research, 2013

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